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10 Affiliate Marketing Mantras From A Pro

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10 Mantras for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is more popular than ever, but it is still possible to take a wrong turn. Dan Dubey heads content, affiliate, and marketing divisions of, shares some unique affiliate marketing tips for emerging affiliate marketers to keep them on the right path.

1 – Track Success, and Failure

From top online casinos to educational paid-for streaming services, jewelry to historically accurate medieval garments, the vast majority of businesses can benefit from using affiliate marketing, and the tips on this list. 

It is not rocket science to know that tracking the success of a given third party when it comes to clicks and sales is a good idea. After all, you need to know what works to try and repeat success. However, do not neglect to also keep in mind what does not work to avoid falling into pitfalls in the future. While affiliate marketing is very low cost, so failure does not entail a financial loss, it does mean wasted time and effort.

2 – Pay Per Sale, Not Per Click

This has become the standard but it is important to remember when going for affiliate marketing. In days of yore, a commission was paid per click generated, but this did not necessarily correlate well with sales made. And sales are what keep the lights on. If you are wondering whether to go for payment per click or sale, always opt for the latter. It not only makes sense in a direct business way, but it also incentivizes the third parties to try and encourage sales over clicks.

3 – Click to Sale

Generating clicks is certainly the first step to success but it is not the most important part. A third-party affiliate doing great work, generating hundreds or thousands of clicks is not going to do much if the click leads to a page that looks like it should be on GeoCities. Having a well-designed page that looks up to date and makes it simple and easy to buy is essential. On that note, if using a coupon code for a discount or freebie, ensure there is a clear place to enter this. Consumers who have to search around a lot may get frustrated and give up.

4 – Don’t Forget E-mail

It can be easy to become fixated on bloggers, or distracted by new media (which is worth considering, see below) but companies should not neglect the potential presented by e-mail. Specifically, third-party affiliates who have sizeable newsletters/e-mail lists. Delivered by trusted sources that individuals know, this can be a great way of reaching a large number of people.

5 – Building a Network

Do not limit yourself to a single third party, but go for multiple third parties to start establishing your own network. Be straightforward and honest with those you approach, and find out who is best to work with in terms of both clicks/sales and is easy to work with on a personal level. In turn, offering a percentage to affiliates who then help to expand your network can both reward them for doing so and expand your network with minimal effort.

6 – Set a Goal

Obviously, the more clicks and sales the better, but sometimes setting a goal and having the third party alert their readership or viewership to this can be a good way to go. People who are 50/50 might be more likely to give something a try when they see others going for it, and those emotionally invested in a creator’s success are also going to be affected by the potential of helping them to hit a sales or coupon code target.

7 – Don’t Discount Discounts

Affiliate marketing should not be seen in a silo separate from other methods of attracting customers. It can often be at its most effective when paired up with commonly used sales tactics such as discounts, and putting the two together can make for great success. When a specific blogger has a distinct discount code this not only makes the reader feel they are helping out the blogger but also bagging themselves a bargain.

8 – Freebies Are Your Friend

This does not apply to every single business model, but for those in a position to offer either a trial period or sample product giving away a freebie via affiliate marketing can be a smart move. Bargain-hunters are much more likely to opt for a freebie than pay for something off the bat. This can work especially well in the world of no deposit casino bonuses, which enable players to try and win real cash at games like slots, blackjack, and roulette, without needing to deposit (and therefore with no risk of losing) a single penny. Some of these deals permit progressive jackpots to be won, almost acting like free lottery tickets that can deliver a life-changing sum of money without needing to spend anything for the chance.

9 – Go for Multiple Media

Affiliate marketing is often associated with bloggers, and there is a good reason for that. However, while the world of blogging should definitely not be ignored there are more fish in the sea and diversity is a good thing. Do not neglect alternatives, including Youtube channels which can have highly specialized audiences, making them much more receptive to related advertising than average, increasing the chances of a successful marketing campaign. In the same vein, don’t ignore the potential of Tiktok influencers.

10 – Engagement is Key

A small but highly engaged viewership or readership can be substantially more beneficial for a business engaging in affiliate marketing than a larger but less committed audience. When a reader or viewer is accustomed to directly supporting a creator or is engaged with them via the likes of Patreon or Discord, there’s a more significant bond. This in turn makes it likelier for an individual to click through and support a product or service if it’s something that will help out their preferred blogger/Youtuber.

Follow these top mantras and they will help you to achieve success when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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