Farmacy Beauty

MuteSix worked with the skincare brand to scale spend and increase brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram.

Increase in Spend Within 3 Months
ROAS in April 2021

The Overview

Farmacy Beauty is a unique line of skincare dedicated to cultivating conscious beauty. The “farmer activated; scientist approved” beauty products use farm-sourced ingredients to create clean, responsible formulas sold directly on its site, in addition to beauty’s number one online destination,

The Goal

Farmacy Beauty came to MuteSix to increase top-of-funnel brand awareness and drive profitable return in remarketing and retention on Facebook and Instagram. Other goals included supporting campaigns for new product launches, increasing SMS signups and virtual consultations via Facebook ads, as well as driving traffic / conversions to their products on both the brand’s site and

The Strategy

MuteSix was tasked with the challenge of reaching new audiences, nurturing existing audiences, increasing purchase volume, and maintaining a blended 3x return across conversion and traffic campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. After seeing little success from lookalike (LAL) audiences, MuteSix tested a wide range of interest audiences—both skincare related and non-skincare related. Farmacy Beauty provided us with the copy and creative for our ads, so our role was to execute best media-buying practices, which included:

  • Launching new ads and creative bi-weekly
  • Scaling ads and audiences with high returns while leaning out inefficiencies
  • A/B testing copy and funnel-specific messaging
  • Creating LAL audiences from top remarketing and retention audiences
  • Creating separate campaigns to support new product launches and sitewide promos

Overall, by introducing strategic media-buying practices, we were able to shift budget and scale spend over 600% since launching in March 2021.

To ensure our ads were successfully gaining momentum, we examined their purchase volume, ROAS, click metrics and spend thresholds to determine which ads were performing best. When ads were not achieving the results we were striving for, we turned off low-performing ads to allow high-performing ads to scale with additional spend. We discovered ads featuring “best seller” and “limited time” messaging performed best in remarketing (RMK), along with promotions like free Gifts With Purchase.

To drive new subscribers for Farmacy’s SMS subscription list, we launched a lead generation campaign on Facebook and retargeted anyone who had visited the site and/or added to cart with an animated GIF promoting Farmacy’s SMS program. Our Facebook ads promoting the SMS program drove an increase in Farmacy’s SMS subscriber base and we successfully leveraged the SMS list in our RMK campaigns.

As a result of our quick-to-pivot strategies in both media-buying and ad selection, we exceeded revenue goals during one of the brand’s most popular sitewide sales, while hitting a 4.6x ROAS.

The Success

Increase in Spend Within 3 Months
ROAS in April 2021
Increase in CTR MoM

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