User Acquisition Case Study: Rinse

Fast-tracking Los Angeles expansion with Facebook and Instagram ads

Rinse delivers to your door for garment care needs, including dry cleaning, launder & press, and wash & fold. Rinse expanded to a new market (Los Angeles), and needed to start driving large numbers of new users in this new competitive space.


  • Tested 3 key demographics to target, re-branding their entire messaging and creatives.
  • Focused on dominating lead-gen on the 3 primary traffic sources — Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google Adwords.
  • Tested a huge range of different messaging, creatives and funnels to identify the most effective ad copy and user journey.


  • Increased new users within Los Angeles by 13x.
  • Turned paid acquisition into the largest source of new users among all traffic sources.
  • Identified exactly which messaging resonated with new users, allowing us to expand the messaging to other markets. This helped generate massive growth within previously stale audiences.

Rinse Landing Page

Cost-per-user decreased by


New users/month increased by


New users generated

Rinse Lifestyle Facebook Ad
Rinse Text Facebook Ad
Rinse Facebook Ad

“The MuteSix team is brilliant! They worked diligently to understand our business objectives and quickly produced meaningful results while managing multiple paid acquisition channels for Rinse. They increased volume, conversion rates and lowered our cost-per-acquisition, helping Rinse to reach its customer acquisition goals. I would highly recommend MuteSix to any marketer looking for help with digital advertising strategy and execution.”

Ben Shapiro | VP of Marketing, Rinse

Rinse Case Study