John Paul Mitchell Systems

MuteSix worked with the industry-leading hair products and professional styling tool brand to scale and acquire new customers with Amazon advertising.


The John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) family of brands, including Paul Mitchell, provides industry-leading hair products and professional styling tools to help salon stylists and shoppers alike achieve runway-ready hair.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with leveraging Amazon’s advertising opportunities to acquire net-new shoppers for JPMS, and in doing so, scale its business.

The Strategy

JPMS has earned extraordinary loyalty amongst its shoppers over the decades due to the family of brands’ innovative products and enduring commitment to the environment; However, the hair line’s biggest challenge has been reaching new audiences and thus acquiring new shoppers. 

To help JPMS overcome these obstacles, the MuteSix experts have utilized Amazon’s various ad formats, specifically Amazon’s Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display, and DSP tactics. 

After optimizing traditional Sponsored Product campaigns, MuteSix shifted its focus to leveraging Amazon’s storytelling and visually engaging ad formats to introduce the family of professional hair brands to new shoppers who have not previously made a purchase. 

Throughout our partnership with JPMS, the MuteSix Amazon team has worked with our in-house Creative Content team to generate custom graphics and videos tailored to engage with Amazon shoppers wherever they happen to be on the platform. We have also created compelling, interactive imagery and videos across several opportunities available on Amazon’s platform, namely Sponsored Brands video, as well as DSP and OTT video ads, to drive shoppers to make a purchase. As a result of the strategies noted above, we achieved remarkable results for JPMS, including exceeding ROAS target goals by 60% while increasing ad sales.

258% Increase in Ad Sales YoY 910% Increase in New-to-Brand Orders YoY 98% Increase in New-to-Brand Orders in Q1 2021 (Compared to All of 2020)

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