MuteSix worked with the self-cleaning water bottle brand to increase CVRs and CTRs on Facebook for a high-price-point product.


MuteSix partnered with LARQ, the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle that purifies water on the go and eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold. Because of its high price point ($95), the brand needed to educate potential shoppers on its USPs, using fresh video content.

The Goal

LARQ turned to MuteSix in October 2020 with the goal of increasing CTRs and CVRs in the Facebook newsfeed. To accomplish this, MuteSix created a diverse array of educational video content to encourage shoppers to make a purchase despite the bottle’s relatively high price point. 

The Strategy

Hoping to lure new shoppers to “pull the trigger,” LARQ relied on the creative experts at MuteSix to create thumb-stopping content with a specific goal: educating consumers on the brand’s never-before-seen features and pain-point-solving attributes, thereby making the pricey purchase a no-brainer. 

Before working with MuteSix, LARQ relied solely on GIFs and banner ads. However, the DTC agency quickly identified a strong need to leverage informative and captivating top-of-funnel video content to really showcase the brand’s USPs. 

MuteSix thus set out to create direct response videos, which included intro videos and UGC, with strong hooks to capture consumers’ interest within the first five seconds. One such hook was setting LARQ apart from its sea of competitors by touting it “the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle” right out the gate, an attractive title to consumers looking to avoid the hassles of daily bottle-washing and avoid foul-smelling, unpurified water. 

Other hooks included featuring positive reviews from leading news outlets and satisfied customers, and glorifying its simple-to-use features, as well as its proprietary and patented PureVis™ UV-C LED technology.

In order to further justify its hefty price tag, MuteSix repurposed Shark Tank recaps from the brand’s April 2021 televised visit, where they received the highest valuation in the show’s history, also making it an enticing purchase. 

The results of the partnership are a testament to MuteSix’s strategic and custom-tailored approach to meeting LARQ’s unique challenges and goals.

39% Increase in Q1 Revenue YoY 26% Increase in Q1 CTR YoY 92% Increase in Q1 CVR YoY 52% Increase in Q1 Purchases YoY