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Psychedelic Water Captured Over 12 Million Tracked Impressions and a 6% Engagement Rate with Influencer Marketing on TikTok.

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The Overview

Psychedelic Water, the world’s first line of non-alcoholic, mood-boosting psychoactive herbal supplements, came to MuteSix within a couple of months of launching their brand, looking to increase brand awareness and boost revenue through Influencer Marketing.

The Strategy

Just a couple of months after introducing their product to market, Psychedelic Water turned to MuteSix to grow their Influencer Marketing presence. Given that they were a new brand at the time, the MuteSix Influencer Marketing team was tasked with circumventing unique challenges and overcoming potential customer objections.

Further, due to the infancy of the brand, the team had limited brand-specific key learnings and best practices to work with when strategizing how best to scale the account with Influencer Marketing.

The MuteSix Influencer Marketing team felt confident, however, that TikTok was the most strategic platform on which to focus their efforts for an up-and-coming, experiential brand like Psychedelic Water. This decision was due to the following factors:

1. The brand’s limited-yet-measurable success with a handful of TikTok organic posts prior to working with MuteSix on Influencer Marketing efforts.

2. TikTok’s advanced algorithm, allowing us to showcase videos from lesser-followed brands on the FYP based on similar content viewed by users.

3. The platform’s younger, more on-trend “early adopter” user base, which aligns closest with the brand’s target consumer.


In order to convert TikTok users into shoppers, the MuteSix team extensively tested different forms of content and deemed that the winning formats were taste tests and testimonials that showcase the products’ safe, mood-boosting benefits, while assuaging any potential concerns about “psychedelic” side effects.

As such, MuteSix diligently researched and reached out to brand-aligned creators to “test the waters” themselves via authentic TikTok-optimized testimonials celebrating the products’ calming, mood-boosting (not “trippy”) side effects. The result was highly engaging and compelling content leveraging platform-specific content best practices to ensure virality, and ultimately, boost brand awareness and conversions.

MuteSix was able to scale the brand’s Influencer Marketing efforts thanks to a carefully selected mix of creators, advanced audience targeting, and strategically crafted creative briefs loosely outlining talking points and a “winning format” slide. This allowed us to avoid a scripted feel and encourage authenticity, while optimizing content for TikTok success.

Looking to maximize brand buzz, conversation, community building, and website traffic, MuteSix diversified Psychedelic Water’s content creator mix to include a wide range of influencers, including:

1. A healthy blend of celebrity and macro content creators with greater reach and view counts so as to boost awareness and traffic, as well as more micro and nano creators with smaller yet more engaged followings to capitalize on their credibility.

2. A range of influencers across multiple niches, including the spiritual, musician, fashion, wellness, and beverage categories, who all fit the look and feel of a typical Psychedelic Water customer, which is essentially a younger early adopter of “edgy” new trends such as mood-boosting product blends.

By choosing TikTok as the platform on which to launch Psychedelic Water’s Influencer Marketing efforts, partnering with a diverse range of influencers aligning with the brand’s target customer, and optimizing the right content formats, the MuteSix Influencer Marketing team achieved a whopping 6% engagement rate. This proved especially impressive for a brand that was not only new to market, but was introducing a more experiential product with unique messaging considerations to take into account when looking to acquire new customers.

The Success

Just shy of one year of onboarding with MuteSix immediately following the launch of their business, Psychedelic Water achieved remarkable Influencer Marketing success on TikTok, which included:

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