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Sitka Salmon Shares

MuteSix worked with the seafood subscription service to increase reach and purchases by expanding into new locations with Facebook, Google and Email marketing.


Sitka Salmon Shares is an ocean to doorstep seafood subscription service. They deliver responsible, fresh, wild-caught Alaskan salmon from a collective of small-boat fishermen across Alaska and the Midwest. 

The Goal

Sitka first came to MuteSix as they were bringing their business digital to develop a go-to-market strategy that would generate purchases and improve retention. After achieving great success with our go-to-market strategy, Sitka set a new goal to reach a wider audience by expanding targeting into new locations in the lower 48 states. 

The Strategy

Given the higher costs for performance due to privacy mandate changes on Facebook in 2021, we realized the best way for Sitka to scale and reach more people was to expand targeting.

Our biggest challenge was getting consumers to commit to a subscription during the “off season” from January to March, as the season for fresh fish delivery is from April to December. To combat this challenge, the brand implemented a “try before you buy” option that offered consumers one-off subscription boxes, so they could try fish without committing to a full-priced subscription.

In our Facebook ads, we generated a sense of urgency by creating “Last Chance” banners focused on convincing consumers to order a subscription box for that specific month. We also produced high intent videos for top of funnel targeting to educate new consumers about the quality of Sitka’s fish and the fishermen behind the brand. We saw success by utilizing strong user generated content, “food porn” style cooking videos, 5 reasons why call outs, and solid intro videos.

The Paid Search team’s highest priority was to drive purchases at Sitka’s target CPA of $100. To achieve this goal, we launched a dynamic search ad campaign with a low budget targeting all webpages. We optimized the campaign’s performance by writing three compelling ad copy variations for the ad group, and as a result, the DSA campaign became the solution for the acquisition funnel on Google, driving consistent conversions on a week-by-week basis at a $70 CPA. 

Our biggest goal for Sitka’s email marketing is to promote their “local, small company feel,” while exponentially growing their business and maintaining above average engagement metrics. While their campaigning is mostly managed in-house, Sitka relies on the MuteSix email marketing experts to provide best practices for growing their business. 

Sitka sends nearly 70-80 campaigns a month, with highly targeted messaging, to a variety of hyper focused segments. We focus our strategy on automations, analytics, reporting, design, branding, best practices for campaign sends, and special campaign needs for their sales and community management. We also focus our efforts on growing Sitka’s list size, targeting consumers with pop ups and banners on their site, and optimizing Sitka’s Welcome Series, Browse Abandon, and Post Purchase – and soon to include Abandoned Cart since Sitka has fully transitioned over to Shopify. Our cross-channel tactics work in tandem to increase Sitka’s subscriber base by targeting users throughout their journey, and ultimately, converting them into full-fledged subscription holders.

1,199% Increase in spend on Facebook 3,178% Purchases increase via Facebook 60% Decrease in CPA on Facebook 8.47 CVR on Facebook ~25% Decrease in CPA on Google 54% Increase in spend on Google 150% Increase in conversions on Google 31% Increase in CTR on Google 93% Increase in ROAS on Google 39.1% Average open rate for Email 6.55% Average click rate on Email $12.9M In revenue attributed to Email within 1 year 316% Increase in revenue YoY from Email 45K+ List growth for Email

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