Channel Updates

As advertising channels continuously update their offerings, we continuously shift our strategies to ensure exponential growth for our clients every step of their campaigns. Check back monthly for cross-channel insider insights from our team of creative and data-driven professionals.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Since the launch of iOS 14.5+, over 75% of Apple users have adopted the update. As such, we are now seeing the effect more drastically within ad accounts, especially with drops in ROAS and increases in CPAs.

  • Due to this increased loss of visibility, we are placing a larger emphasis on MTA models, along with more holistic measurements that look at cash-in vs. cash-out modeling to understand the impact of our marketing efforts on the overall business.
  • Strategies on how to combat the effects of iOS 14.5+ include:
    • Creating more in-platform audiences
    • Using more first-party data from ESP / CRMs
    • Measuring success against overall revenue (switch your KPI to Spend % of Revenue)
    • Exploring channel diversification to minimize risk and reliance on a single ad platform
    • Creating compelling content to drive more traffic
    • Testing optimization for one-day click
    • Using engagement metrics more frequently (CPC, CTR, and Engagement Rate) to optimize and learn what is working within the account

Google & YouTube

  • Google has announced that expanded text ads will soon be deprecated. Responsive search ads, which mix and match inputted headlines and descriptions, will be the new default text ad type. Over time, Google machine learning will showcase the top-performing ad more frequently.
  • Advertisers will be able to leverage machine learning to save time; however, this may also prove to be a challenge for brands that want tight control over their ad copy.

Email & SMS

  • With iOS 15 just around the corner, brands should be implementing a strategy to prepare now by testing subject lines and send times before advertisers lose open and location data for Apple Mail users.
  • It will also be important to start building new segments for the iOS 15 rollout that don’t revolve around open metrics. Win-back campaigns will be important over the next two months to try to re-engage lapsed users. For those who don’t re-engage, coming up with a list-cleaning strategy will be key to maintaining deliverability in the future.


  • Sponsored Display has received a creative overhaul! Advertisers can now quickly launch Display campaigns with a custom image or with the traditional logo plus headline.
  • This should provide brands the opportunity to test audiences prior to potentially scaling to Amazon DSP.


  • As of August 30, Instagram has replaced swipe-up links in Stories with link stickers.
  • TikTok is rolling out a stronger partnership with Shopify to allow brands to create a more “shoppable” feed.

TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest

  • TikTok launches Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), a smart strategy for multi-sku brands with limited platform-specific creative.
  • TikTok’s creative video generator easily turns your product catalog into short videos that feature top TikTok effects and music.


  • With Q4 rapidly approaching, now is the time for advertisers to lock in preferred rates with Connected Television partners like Hulu, Roku, Samsung, and Discovery Networks for Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals.

StudioSix Bespoke Creative Production

  • The fall production calendar is filling up fast, so if you need content for Q4, start now! Not only are we running tight on time, every brand is fighting for production resources. The sooner you get started, the more ample time you have to perfect your holiday creative.

StudioSix Content Creation

  • Start gearing up for the changing weather! Sure it’s hot and sunny now, but get a jumpstart on your fall creative so you aren’t scrambling when the temps start to dip!

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