Channel Updates

As advertising channels continuously update their offerings, we continuously shift our strategies to ensure exponential growth for our clients every step of their campaigns. Check back monthly for cross-channel insider insights from our team of creative and data-driven professionals.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Since iOS14 rolled out, we have not seen any material change in performance, but expect the impacts to be realized as the number of people who update their software reaches critical mass. 
  • The ability to compare attribution windows has been removed along with the addition of an annotation on some results which indicates a number of “predicted conversions” as Facebook waits for Apple to pass data back.
  • Another major change is the way Facebook tracks conversions. Conversions will now be attributed to the day the conversion was made rather than when the ad was clicked on. This aligns with how Google tracks conversions.
  • During this turbulent time, we are placing a larger emphasis on MTA models, along with cash in and cash out modeling, to understand the effect of marketing on the overall business.

Google & YouTube

With the iOS14 roll out, Google is moving to modeled conversions to help make up for the anticipated drop in performance. Also, with changes in data-driven attribution, our Google reps have told us that we are likely to see an increase in top of funnel efforts like YouTube & Discovery and a drop in performance in efforts like branded search.

Email & SMS

With the world opening back up and people moving away from their computers, reaching users where they are at will be a driving factor in retention marketing. SMS messages are typically read within 3 minutes of sending and reach customers directly. SMS platforms continue to launch functionality to personalize the user experience, so start growing your SMS list now.


Prime Day is announced and will be on June 21-22, a 48 hour event. It should lend itself to a very busy shopping weekend, as Father’s Day is June 20.


  • As we head into the warmer months, brands will finally get to take advantage of summer influencer campaigns that were put on hold last year during the peak of the pandemic. 
  • The tone on social channels amongst influencers will be lighter and stress-free this summer, which will allow influencers to post more collaborations without the fear of seeming tone deaf. Influencers will also be able to create content outside of the house, travel and attend influencer pop-ups or events.
  • Brands should start thinking about how they can incorporate their product into influencer’s summer plans or travel for a more authentic collaboration.

TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest

  • The Shopify integration with TikTok has improved TikTok’s ability to track conversions from advertising. As a result, conversions have significantly increased and we have some advertisers achieving profitability at scale for the first time. 
  • Another new feature from TikTok is DPA (Dynamic Product Ads), a great strategy for multi sku brands in remarketing.
  • Boosted posts through influencer pages are also performing very well for clients on TikTok.


  • Although consumer travel spending hasn’t quite rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, we are seeing a large increase in spending on travel-related products, like swimwear and luggage, as consumers plan close-to-home travel and activities and get excited for future plans
  • Advertisers can capitalize on this excitement by targeting relevant contextual placements and positioning products to complement close-to-home summer adventures like beach days, road trips, and pool parties!

StudioSix Bespoke Creative Production

Although we are gearing up for summer, now is the time to start planning fall productions as well! Most full-scale productions take about two months to complete– so all of the back-to-school, sweater-weather, cozy visual content should be shot soon!

StudioSix Content Creation

As we gear up for the summer that we have all waited 2 years for, people will want that perfect photo for the gram. Make sure your ads are positioning your products as the Must-Have-Summer-2021 product! Create iconic photos, videos, dances and trends to keep your brand relevant through this exciting time!