Channel Updates

As advertising channels continuously update their offerings, we continuously shift our strategies to ensure exponential growth for our clients every step of their campaigns. Check back monthly for cross-channel insider insights from our team of creative and data-driven professionals.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Since the launch of iOS 14.5+, over 75% of Apple users have adopted the update. As such, we are now seeing the effect more drastically within ad accounts, especially with drops in ROAS and increases in CPAs. 
  • Due to this increased loss of visibility, we are placing a larger emphasis on MTA models, along with more holistic measurements that look at cash-in vs. cash-out modeling to understand the impact of our marketing efforts on the overall business.
  • Strategies on how to combat the effects of iOS 14.5+ include:
    • Creating more in-platform audiences
    • Using more first-party data from ESP / CRMs
    • Measuring success against overall revenue (switch your KPI to Spend % of Revenue)
    • Exploring channel diversification to minimize risk and reliance on a single ad platform 
    • Creating compelling content to drive more traffic 
    • Testing optimization for one-day click 
  • Using engagement metrics more frequently (CPC, CTR, and Engagement Rate) to optimize and learn what is working within the account

Google & YouTube

  • Google adds further emphasis on automation and machine learning with the rollout of Video Action Campaigns & Performance Max campaigns. This has put the pressure of PPC buyers to work more efficiently with less data on audience, keyword and creative. 
  • Getting into the thick of the holiday madness means you need to have hands on keyboards, updating budgets and potentially KPI targets to make the most of your Q4 spend. More data flowing through the machine means it can learn quicker than the traditional way, so don’t be afraid to make adjustments as you see positive performance.
  • Strategies to implement in the wake of less in-platform transparency:
    • Auditing and updating your Google Shopping feeds 
    • Updating new segments of first-party data in-platform 
    • Optimizing campaigns beyond tROAS and incorporating metrics like profit and cLTV into campaign structure and optimization
  • Promotional must-haves in November:
    • Countdown ads and promotion extensions
    • Updated promotional feed for Shopping
    • Updated display and discovery creative calling out the sale
    • Updated YouTube cards and CTAs to highlight your offer

Email & SMS

  • iOS 15 launched in September with a lower adoption rate than we had anticipated, but we are starting to notice open rates climb due to Apple Mail’s machine opens. If you’re currently relying on open data for your segments or flows, we recommend updating to include Click, Purchase and Active on Site data.
  • Brands should be locking in their holiday deals now and should start as early as possible, especially with VIP audiences. The week of BF / CM is extremely competitive and most brands bring in the most revenue the day a sale is announced, so start early, if you haven’t already.
  • With shipping and supply-chain delays, make sure you’re communicating with customers on when they are likely to receive product by and make sure to include shipping cutoff dates on all holiday-related emails / texts.
  • Match your pop-up offers and subsequent welcome emails to your holiday offer.


  • Amazon has increased its exposure for Amazon Posts by now offering placements on product detail pages for users shopping on the Desktop. Previously, Posts was featured only for mobile app users.
  • More features for Sponsored Display! You’re now able to target past purchasers (using CPC, CPM, or VCPM pricing models), even for products that have small amounts of historical purchase data. This is incredibly useful for brands who are looking to target their past consumers but are still growing.
  • Brand Metrics (beta) has been released, which allows brands to understand and benchmark against their competitor sets for consideration, awareness, and conversion performance.


  • Influencer whitelisting has been trending as brands are starting to share their BF / CM deals early. 
  • Expected trend: #WhatIGotForBF

TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest

  • TikTok launches Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), a smart strategy for multi-sku brands with limited platform-specific creative.
  • TikTok’s creative video generator easily turns your product catalog into short videos that feature top TikTok effects and music.


  • During Q4, shoppers are looking for the best deals possible. Through Programmatic targeting you are able to specifically reach shoppers with Buy Now, Pay Later options (such as Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, Bread and more) actively installed on their mobile phones, as they browse the internet beyond the walled gardens of search and social.

StudioSix Bespoke Creative Production

  • The Q4 / Q1 production calendar is filling up fast, so if you need content, start now! Not only are we running tight on time, every brand is fighting for production resources. The sooner you get started, the more ample time you have to perfect your holiday creative.

StudioSix Content Creation

  • So you’ve got your Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads locked in. Great! Now it’s time to start focusing on your Holiday ads!
  • Gift-giving is always a great angle for holiday-focused ads. Consider your demo and who might be purchasing a gift for them. Then, cater your ad to both audiences, if you can. Bonus Points: Include some unboxing shots in the ad!

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