Channel Updates

As advertising channels continuously update their offerings, we continuously shift our strategies to ensure exponential growth for our clients every step of their campaigns. Check back monthly for cross-channel insider insights from our team of creative and data-driven professionals.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Since the launch of iOS 14.5 and 14.6, over 75% of Apple users have adopted the update, meaning we are now seeing the effect more drastically within the ad accounts, especially with drops in ROAS and increases in CPAs. 
  • Due to this increased loss of visibility, we are placing a larger emphasis on MTA models, along with cash-in and cash-out modeling, to understand the effect of marketing on the overall business.
  • Strategies on how to combat the effects of iOS 14.5+ include:
    • Creating more on-platform audiences
    • Using more first-party data from ESP / CRMs
    • Measuring success against overall revenue (switch your KPI to spend % of revenue)
    • Exploring channel diversification to minimize risk and reliance on a single ad platform 
    • Creating compelling content to drive more traffic 
    • Testing optimizing for one-day click 
    • Using engagement metrics more (CPC, CTR, and Engagement Rate) to optimize and learn what is working within the account

Google & YouTube

  • In response to the iOS14 updates, Google is adopting modeled conversions in-platform. 
  • It’s crucial that all advertisers on Google Ads properly implement the Global Site Tag, which allows Google’s algorithm to more accurately attribute conversions to different touchpoints. 
  • Google has also announced that their data-driven attribution model will now include YouTube and Display campaigns. This will allow advertisers to more fully understand entry touchpoints and top-of-funnel impact from these campaign types.

Email & SMS

  • iOS 15 was recently announced and is slated to release this fall. What does this mean for email? Apple will now be enforcing privacy regulations around users who use the mail app to restrict advertisers from tracking email opens. This is one of the most fundamental metrics of email. 
  • Make sure you have a good understanding of your email audience to see what the user breakdown is. Klaviyo has the ability to look at advanced reports to see if they are using the Mail app via desktop and iPhone / iPad users via mobile.
  • As we continue to learn more about the update and find ways to combat its implications, we will update you. In the meantime, now is a good time to start accruing as much engagement data as possible from your email list and to double down on SMS collection.


  • Prime Day 2021 was a huge success for Amazon, as it was the biggest e-commerce shopping day(s) of 2021 so far. Brands that leaned in to aggressive pricing and promotion reaped the biggest rewards, showing how important pricing is to the Amazon shopper when making a decision on the marketplace.
  • Coming out of Prime Day, it will be important for advertisers to take pricing and promotion into consideration and complement that deal with Sponsored Ads and/or Amazon DSP advertising, especially since the next e-commerce holiday isn’t until November.


  • Get ready for your back-to-school campaigns! Influencers are starting to partner with brands for back-to-school clothing, accessories, food & beverage, and finance / software product promotions.

TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest

  • Previously, comments could only be disabled at the ad group level, but TikTok has newly launched comment moderation that allows you to view, export, or hide comments. You can now view comments in the “Comments” section under the “Assets” tab in TikTok Ads Manager or at the ad group level. This feature allows us to leverage the social proof and virality of TikTok without damaging brand reputation with negative comments.
  • The Shopify integration with TikTok has improved TikTok’s ability to track conversions from advertising. As a result, conversions have significantly increased and we have some advertisers achieving profitability at-scale for the first time. 
  • Another new feature from TikTok is Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), a great strategy for multi-sku brands in remarketing.
  • Boosted posts through influencer pages are also performing very well for clients on TikTok.


  • Summer’s not over yet, but it’s time to start planning for back-to-school campaigns! As kids return to physical classrooms this fall, expect to see increased interest in kid & teen apparel and school supplies for in-person learning.
  • Advertising promos and bundles on mobile will be key for reaching back-to-school shoppers. 85% of consumers say they will use their mobile devices to compare prices while shopping and to make mobile purchases; 70% of consumers say that shopping deals for the best price will be their top priority this year.
  • Reach out to learn how Programmatic can boost reach and relevancy on mobile devices to capture back-to-school shoppers.

StudioSix Bespoke Creative Production

Although we are in the thick of summer, now is the time to start planning fall productions, too! Most full-scale productions take about two months to complete, so all the back-to-school, cozy-sweater-weather visual content should be shot sooner rather than later.

StudioSix Content Creation

  • As the summer we have all waited over a year for is upon us, people want that perfect photo for the Gram. Make sure your ads are positioning your products as the Must-Have-Summer-2021 product! Create iconic photos, videos, dances, and trends to keep your brand relevant through this exciting time!
  • Check out our updated creative menu to see the latest suite of offerings for video edits, content production, product photography, and more here.

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