Google Edit Only

We optimize your existing assets to perform on YouTube in a direct response environment.
  • Style: Varies, dependent upon assets you provide
  • Feel: In-your-face, on the nose messaging
  • Result: Focused on conversions first


  • We organize and highlight your assets in a way to engage viewers to keep watching.
  • We add attention-grabbing text treatments and graphics.
  • We supplement your assets with stock footage when necessary.

Google Edit + Content: $9,500

In addition to your existing assets, we gather organic looking content to make direct response videos that feel native to the YouTube platform. Content creation is not to be confused with traditional, full-scale production.
  • Style: Organic to YouTube, cell phone video, at-home product reviews
  • Feel: In-your-face, on the nose messaging
  • Result: Focused on conversions first


  • We collect additional footage as needed to fill the gaps in your current asset library.
  • Asset gathering takes place in-house at MuteSix, at the location of our content creative team members, or at the location of sourced contributors.
  • Utilizes resources native to the platform the ads will run on (example: filming on a smartphone or using natural lighting).