TikTok Content Retainer

(Month-to-Month Term)

  • MuteSix will provide creative services for a predetermined number of hours per month based on agreed upon client goals.
    • Scope of work for these hours are inclusive of ideating, scripting, editing, creating motion graphics, applying notes, exporting videos, casting, filming, and producing content.
    • Any additional services or requests outside of scope may incur additional fees.
    • If predetermined number of hours per month are exceeded, additional charges at the rate of $150/hour will be applied.
  • Creator Content Creation Expectations:
    • MuteSix will source talent and film for ad concepts agreed upon between MuteSix and client.
    • Content is intentionally made to look organic to the ad platforms we advertise on, which is often achieved using methods to produce native-looking content, such as filming on a smartphone or utilizing natural lighting.
    • Content creation can take place in-house at MuteSix, at the location of a MuteSix Content Creation team member, or through sourced external contributors.

*20 hours equates to approximately 1-2 ad concepts with 3 iterations each depending on rounds of feedback and intensity of creative concept.


20 Editing Hours + 2 Creators
$3,000 per month
30 Editing Hours + 3 Creators
$4,500 per month
40 Editing Hours + 4 Creators
$6,000 per month