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Digital Marketing Skills Every Agency Employee Needs

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Digital marketing requires an ever-evolving set of skills. Agency employees at every stage of their career need to be ready to adapt, both to changing marketplace trends and to the various emerging technology that continues to reshape how the job is done. 

One way to build more digital marketing skills is by taking a master’s in digital marketing online. Challenging? Perhaps, but in continuing their education, digital marketing agents both amplify their marketability and improve their skill set.

In this article, we take a look at the sort of things to focus on for people who want to improve their standing in the digital marketing world. 

Digital Marketing Skills You Need to Thrive in Your Future Workplace

While many of the precepts of marketing have remained consistent since the profession’s earliest beginnings, modern digital marketers are held to a certain set of expectations. The skills described below help digital marketers stand out amongst the competition and thrive in their eventual workplace. 

Data Comprehension 

Data is everywhere, but it’s a particularly important component of modern marketing. Digital marketers of today are expected to be able to understand large data sets, and use them to craft bankable marketing campaigns. 

This may mean taking consumer analytics and using them to write good ad copy. However, it might also mean knowing how and when to target digital ads so that they have the biggest impact. 


When people think of workplace automation, marketing isn’t the first job that comes to mind. And yet it is a critical component of the job. Automation is often responsible for a significant portion of business-to-customer communications. When a consumer gets a happy holidays message from one of their favorite brands, it’s usually not because a living person sent it to them. It’s automation at work. But while a software program sends the messages, it takes a knowledgeable marketer to craft them and decide on an effective schedule that will help ensure they have a big impact. 

The Digital Marketing Skills Companies Are Looking For

In addition to being tech-savvy, digital marketers also need to be in full possession of the skills that have shaped the profession from its very beginning. 

Digital marketers are:

  • Good Writers: Naturally, writing ad copy requires a certain ability with the written word. All the data in the world won’t be much good for the person who can’t turn it into interesting copy. 
  • Good Communicators: Writing is a form of communication, but not the only type that should come naturally to the digital marketer. Marketing is a collaborative field. In addition to working with other team members, digital marketers must be able to effectively relate to management, sales, clients, and potentially ad platforms to create messages that are pleasing for everyone. The job isn’t just about creating a message that the marketer thinks is best. It’s also about drafting copy that satisfies the client’s brand identity. 
  • Make it Actionable: Finally, writing good ad copy is about more than just telling an interesting story. While that’s an important element of the process, it’s ultimately secondary to sales conversions. A lucrative ad is a successful one regardless of any other factors. 

How to Build Your Digital Marketing Skills

Getting a Master’s in digital marketing online is the best way to hone your skills, and ensure that your resume stands out. The digital marketing space has grown considerably over the past several years and is expected to reach great heights by 2024. 

When it does, a strong pool of qualified candidates with the ability to work with data are going to be needed. Getting your Master’s degree shows that you have, not only talent and determination but the specific set of skills that modern marketing agencies are looking for. 

How Getting a Masters in Digital Marketing Online Will Help You Hone Your Skill Set

Now is a good time to get your Master’s degree because there are certain technical aspects of the digital marketer’s job that simply won’t be familiar to those without advanced training. 

Even very talented marketers will have a hard time holding their own if they don’t know about things like data application, SEO, and email marketing. Locking those skills in place helps prepare you for a future in which they will be in very high demand. 

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