Facebook Marketing Partners: What Are They and Why You Want One

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Trying to figure out the world of Facebook advertising on your own can seem daunting. Thankfully, you can get the expertise and advice necessary to succeed on the platform with a Facebook Marketing Partner. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook marketing partners and why you want one. 

What Is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

A Facebook Marketing Partner is a third-party Facebook advertising agency with the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed on the platform. Meta Business Partners are companies Meta has vetted for their expertise. This badge indicates the highest standards of performance and service that you can then take advantage of for your own business. 

What Does a Facebook Marketing Partner Do?

Facebook Marketing Partners can help you succeed on the burgeoning platform by focusing on advertising, selling, and engaging. In terms of advertising, a Facebook Marketing Partner can help you with campaign management, creative platforms, feed platforms, measurement, and conversion data:

  • Campaign management: Help with managing, scaling, and optimizing your Facebook advertising campaigns by handling creative, audiences, budgets, scheduling, reporting, and analytics.
  • Creative solutions: Help with developing top-notch creative content that will catch the eyes of platform users.
  • Feed platforms: Help with creating product catalogs for use in advertising campaigns, Facebook Marketplace, and shopping on Instagram.
  • Measurement: Help with tracking and monitoring advertising performance on the Facebook platform and beyond.
  • Conversion data: Help with connecting Facebook content to offline conversions for more accurate data. Keep in mind that all measurements are done in-platform AND Facebook is making all shopping “native checkout,” meaning customers are never led to a third-party during the checkout process.  

In terms of selling, a Facebook Marketing Partner can help you with selling on Facebook by connecting your store and listing your products to help them sell directly on the platform. Finally, in terms of engagement, a Facebook Marketing Partner can help you with community management by managing and moderating your online communities, accounts, and pages. 

Why Do You Need a Facebook Marketing Partner

Working with a Facebook Marketing partner provides you with access to experts and information you otherwise wouldn’t have. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of what it means to work with a Facebook Marketing Partner.

  • Working with a Facebook Marketing Partner allows you to stay up-to-date on all the latest changes and developments on the platform. When you’re able to stay ahead of the curve, you can beat the competition and leverage tools to reach, engage and convert your followers into shoppers.
  • Working with a Facebook Marketing Partner provides you quick and easy access to experts without having to go directly through Facebook. This allows you to bypass the often slow and frustrating process of reaching out through Facebook’s general chat support for technical issues that could end up costing you business if they aren’t resolved quickly.
  • Working with a Facebook Marketing Partner provides you with access to Facebook-related invite-only events. For instance, through your partner, you may be able to attend opportunities like Facebook expos, training, and events that can help you grow your business.
  • Finally, working with a Facebook Marketing Partner provides you with the recognition you need to experience success on the platform. While Facebook recognizes its partner agencies, it also recognizes clients within its success stories. 

Real Results from Facebook Marketing Partners

Speaking of success stories, let’s cover a few examples so that you can better understand what it really means to work with a Facebook Marketing Partner. 

  • Facebook Marketing Partner MuteSix worked with the skincare and beauty device brand Trophy Skin to use Facebook advertising to find acquisition audiences that would convert. As a result, Trophy Skin enjoyed a 34.05% decrease in cost per action, a 69.33% increase in ROAS, a 167.23% increase in purchases, and a significant spend increase.
  • Facebook Marketing Partner MuteSix worked with the international snack-box subscription company Universal Yums to increase sales volume for their holiday box inventory with Facebook advertising. As a result, Universal Yums enjoyed a 30% decrease in cost per action, a 2.5x daily average sales increase when compared to the rest of the year, and a 3.8x increase in ROAS.
  • Facebook Marketing Partner MuteSix worked with the video subscription service NHL TV to use Facebook advertising to increase subscribers. As a result, NHL TV saw a 4x increase in ROAS and a 62% increase in subscriptions.
  • Facebook Marketing Partner MuteSix worked with the nutritional supplement retailer Tiger Fitness to use Facebook advertising to find new customers. As a result, Tiger Fitness enjoyed a 31% decrease in cost per action, a 9x increase in ROAS, and a 27% increase in sales revenue year-over-year. 

How to Find the Best Facebook Marketing Partner?

Based on these incredible results, you definitely want to start working with a Facebook Marketing Partner as soon as possible. So how do you find one? The good news is that it’s easy to find one through Facebook’s Partner Directory. The bad news is that there are many different options out there, making it hard to find and choose the right partner. 

If you’re looking for the best Facebook Marketing Partner, then MuteSix is the solution. MuteSix is a Meta Business Partner with extensive experience on the platform and beyond. But don’t just take our word for it: MuteSix is the number one most awarded Facebook advertising agency. 

Here are some of the results that we have been able to achieve for our budding brands:

  • 209% increase in overall revenue
  • 380% increase in incremental Facebook advertising revenue
  • 26% ROAS improvement
  • 13% decrease in customer acquisition costs

Our best-in-class performance marketing helps brands scale with cross-channel, data-driven creative on Facebook and beyond. We also offer services for other platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Google, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest, as well as programmatic. 

Our proven process includes five different steps. We start with a comprehensive audit and analysis of your current advertising strategy and content to see where you need help. From there, we move on to robust creative development with our in-house creative studio, StudioSix. Before launching, we perform targeting testing to ensure we are reaching the right people with the right content and at the right time. Along the way, we continuously optimize your campaign, making any necessary changes to achieve the best possible results. And finally, we scale your campaign so that we can achieve these favorable results again and again. 

Final Thoughts on Facebook Marketing Partners

Clearly, you need MuteSix as your Facebook Marketing Partner. So how do you make this happen? All you have to do is reach out to us for a complimentary marketing consultation so that we can offer advice and guidance to help you along your business journey. 


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