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How to Leverage Facebook Retargeting Ads

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If you’re unsure if Facebook ads are right for your business, the easiest way to find out is to leverage Facebook retargeting ads. 

Facebook retargeting is the easiest ad type to set up, requires the least amount of creative work, and returns you the highest ROI of all ad types.

In this article I’m going to show you how to leverage Facebook retargeting ads to grow your business.

How does retargeting using Facebook ads work?

Retargeting means to show someone an ad who has previously visited your website, mobile app, or Facebook page, or who has engaged with any piece of your content on Facebook or Instagram.

You’re re-engaging with them.

To be able run retargeting ads on Facebook, you first need to set up your Facebook pixel. Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook pixel in 5 minutes.

Retargeting is considered the bread and butter of online advertising.

They are easiest types of ads to set up because anyone who has engaged with your website or Facebook page has qualified themselves as a potential customer, and your ad copy or creatives needn’t be too eye-catching as they already know you.

It’s much easier to generate a lead or sale from a prospect who has previously engaged with your store than it is to serve an ad to a cold prospect and get them to take the same action.

retargeting ads on Facebook

When leveraging Facebook retargeting ads, you can show a user ads based on their behavior on your website. For example, if they viewed a particular item or category, you can serve them personalized ads to increase the chances of conversion.

This can be done automatically using dynamic product ads. You only need to set up the campaign once.

Three ways to leverage Facebook retargeting today

Here are three ways you can set up retargeting ads on Facebook today:

Add to cart campaign – Did you know you can run ads to users who added items to their cart but did not checkout? With the average cart abandonment rate at 60-80%, and from managing over $10 million in Facebook ad spend annually, this form of remarketing returns us the highest return on investment.

DPA ads – Creating a product catalog and syncing it to your Facebook ad account will allow you to serve product ads that website visitors view automatically. You’re not required to create any ad copy or creatives as Facebook will pull the information directly from your store.

DPAs are considered the most successful ad unit to drive sales.

Page interactions – You can run ads to anyone who has visited your Facebook or Instagram page, or engaged with any post. Once you have your retargeting ads in place for add to carts and product views, you can drive new traffic to your website and send them to a blog post or your most popular item to drive more sales.

Start retargeting on Facebook today

Less than 3% of online users make a transaction at a store the first time they visit. Through retargeting you can win a good portion of the other 97%.

By leveraging Facebook retargeting ads, you can drive warm prospects back to your website and even get creative by running time-sensitive offers to push them off the fence into paying customers.

Retargeting ads are the low-hanging fruit of online marketing: they require you to have the least amount of ad knowledge to be successful.

Are you leveraging retargeting Facebook ads to their full potential?

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