CRM Marketing

Triple your revenue with SMS and Email.

How It Works

When executed correctly, strong email and SMS can be the most profitable channels for your e-commerce business.

Without CRM management, shoppers abandon their carts and are 3x less likely to return to your site. MuteSix clients see a 30% increase in revenue when adding these services – we can help you increase your list size by 3x and convert revenue at 4x the rate of social channels.

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix brings a deep heritage in data, strategy, analytics, creative, tech, and channel disciplines. By leveraging internal capabilities and layering high-powered CRM cloud platforms, we help our clients implement, activate, and evolve their customer strategy and execute people-based marketing programs that drive significant growth.

Tie your paid media efforts together with the most effective platforms for building relationships with your customers, turning leads into revenue, and retaining customers.

Our Process

  1. Accumulate data about the length of the consideration phase in the purchase cycle.
  2. Develop advertising audience segmentation based on both pixeled website interactions and available attribute grains within your CRM.
  3. Offer solutions to assist in maximizing any CRM platform either already being used or required.
More Repeat Purchases
Total Revenue Attributed To Email (for MuteSix clients in 2019)
Email List Size (in the first three months with MuteSix)
Decrease In Facebook CPA

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CRM Services

If you’re interested in tripling your revenue with SMS and email, then you definitely need to consider a CRM service. A CRM service helps you develop a targeted, personalized, and consistent way of contacting your customers instead of just randomly sending out marketing emails and texts. By using a more intentional, strategic, and automated approach to customer management, you can build relationships, loyalty, and sales. 

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