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Building strategic, custom-tailored Influencer Marketing campaigns backed by data and optimized for impact–wherever your business is on the brand journey.

How It Works

    1. Audit Website and Socials: Provide Feedback and General Strategy
    2. Set Performance Goals and Custom-Create Campaign 
    3. Launch Campaign and Activate Influencers 
    4. Measure Impact

The MuteSix Difference

    • Quality Content with a Full-Funnel Approach for Omnichannel Synergy
    • Data-Driven Strategy to Maximize ROI
    • Expansive Network of Trusted Influencers Across All Shopping Verticals
    • Access to Award-Winning In-House Creative Studio for Platform-Specific Content 
    • 1:1 Support and Campaign Customization to Align with Client’s Brand Journey 
    • Performance-Driven Content Curation that Aligns with Brand Voice and Boosts Results

Services and Capabilities

Custom-Tailored Campaigns to Align with Brand Journey

    • Attract: Awareness / Content Campaign
    • Interest: Consideration Campaign
    • Decision: Conversion Campaign
    • Retention: Affiliates / Brand Ambassadors
    • Advocacy: Long-Term Relationships

Strategic Influencer Sourcing for Reach, Relevance, and Resonance

    • Mega-Influencers: Social Superstars with > One Million Followers
    • Macro-Influencers: Trusted influencers with 100,000 – One Million Followers
    • Micro-Influencers: Popular Personalities with 1,000 – 100,000 Followers; High Credibility
    • Nano-Influencers: Relatable Consumers with < 1,000 followers; Immense Influence Within a Narrow Niche

Data-Driven Strategy of Performance Metrics to Maximize ROI

    • Detailed Reporting and Insights to Optimize Ongoing Campaigns
      • Conversion Metrics: CPA, Revenue, Conversions, ROI
      • Awareness Metrics: IMV, CPM/CPE, # of Impressions, # of Engagements
      • Content Metrics: # of Content Delivered, Ads Created, % Improvement

Award-Winning Content Optimized for Each Platform

    • Influencer Whitelisting
    • User-Generated Video Editing

2021 MuteSix Influencer Marketing Success

Campaign Impressions
Pieces of Content
Influencer Relationships

Influencer Case Study

Psychedelic Water, the world’s first line of non-alcoholic, mood-boosting psychoactive herbal supplements, came to MuteSix soon after launching their brand, looking to increase brand awareness and boost revenue through Influencer Marketing.

The Strategy

TikTok was the most strategic platform on which to focus Influencer Marketing efforts for an up-and-coming, experiential brand like Psychedelic Water due to the following factors:

  1. The brand’s limited-yet-measurable success with a handful of TikTok organic posts prior to working with MuteSix.
  2. TikTok’s advanced algorithm, allowing us to showcase videos from lesser-followed brands on the FYP based on similar content viewed by users.
  3. The platform’s younger, more on-trend “early adopter” user base, which aligns closest with the brand’s target consumer.

Looking to maximize brand buzz, conversation, community building, and website traffic, MuteSix diversified Psychedelic Water’s content creator mix to include a wide range of influencers, including:

  1. A healthy blend of celebrity and macro content creators with greater reach and view counts so as to boost awareness and traffic, as well as more micro and nano creators with smaller yet more engaged followings to capitalize on their credibility.
  2. A range of influencers across multiple niches, including the spiritual, musician, fashion, wellness, and beverage categories, who fit the typical Psychedelic Water customer profile, which is a younger early adopter of “edgy” new trends such as mood-boosting product blends.


MuteSix was able to scale the brand’s Influencer Marketing efforts by working with brand-aligned creators to “test the waters” themselves via authentic TikTok-optimized testimonials celebrating the products’ calming, mood-boosting (not “trippy”) side effects. The result was highly engaging and compelling content leveraging platform-specific content best practices to ensure virality, and ultimately, boost brand awareness and conversions.

The Success

12MM+ Tracked Impressions 686K+ Tracked Engagements 6% Engagement Rate 14.7M+ Hashtag Views 1K+ Trackable Conversions

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Influencer Marketing Agency

Brands are increasingly taking advantage of large followings on social media to promote their products and gain new customers. However, these followings don’t have to be their own! Social media influencers are able to effectively promote products based on the status and trust that they have established with their followers.

What once was considered unrealistic and far-fetched has turned into a bonafide marketing concept being utilized by brands big and small. However, finding and partnering with influencers can be difficult to accomplish on your own.

Instead, you should consider working with an influencer marketing agency like MuteSix to help you generate sales from customers, scale with macro-influencers, and source user-generated content on autopilot.

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