Generate sales from customers, scale with strategic influencer campaigns and source user-generated content on autopilot.

How It Works

We source influencers who have a genuine interest in our client’s vertical and deliver trackable results. While most brands can’t attribute revenue to their influencer marketing efforts, MuteSix manages influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish, providing trackable results and revenue.


The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix offers influencer collaborations every month. We take ownership of influencer content to repurpose for organic social, product images, email campaigns, and website pop-ups.

We will work with you to source user-generated content (UGC) to use in your paid advertising strategy, collaborating with our Facebook media buying team.

Our team of experts have an extensive network of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube influencers.


Our Process

  1. Identify the right products to promote
  2. Source the right influencers based on platform and target demographic
  3. Test outreach messaging
  4. Provide content guidelines and deliverables
  5. Share reporting, learning and insights
Influencer Collaborations Monthly Per Client
In Trackable Revenue
ROAS Increase When Using Influencer UGC In Ads

Our Latest Case Study

Magic Spoon came to MuteSix looking to utilize Influencer Marketing to generate unique content to repurpose in ad creative. In doing so, they hoped to increase revenue and improve their return on investment.

The Strategy

We worked with a variety of influencers, including fitness, health, foodie, family-oriented, and lifestyle influencers. The influencers produced creative content pieces that shared Magic Spoon’s unique value propositions in a fun and playful way, and we were able to successfully repurpose the content we received to generate high performing social ads and UGC mashups.

27 Influencers 30 Pieces of content acquired 536K Impressions $111.3K Revenue 500% Purchases increase 143% ROAS

Influencer Marketing Agency

Brands are increasingly taking advantage of large followings on social media to promote their products and gain new customers. However, these followings don’t have to be their own! Social media influencers are able to effectively promote products based on the status and trust that they have established with their followers.

What once was considered unrealistic and far-fetched has turned into a bonafide marketing concept being utilized by brands big and small. However, finding and partnering with influencers can be difficult to accomplish on your own.

Instead, you should consider working with an influencer marketing agency like MuteSix to help you generate sales from customers, scale with macro-influencers, and source user-generated content on autopilot.

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