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3 Reasons to Use Facebook and Email Together

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     Facebook and email are two key channels that need to work together to reach new customers and move them along the funnel, ultimately converting them into loyal customers. Facebook’s primary role will be to help drive traffic to your site and grow your email list. Email marketing will help your brand stay connected with your subscribers and provide appropriate Facebook ads based on the actions they take. Here, we’ll dive into the benefits of capturing first-time visitors’ email addresses, syncing your email lists with Facebook, and using Facebook Messenger and email together to communicate with your audience.



1. Educate Top of Funnel Leads

     For audiences who are discovering your brand for the first time by clicking on a Facebook ad, a portion of them won’t buy at that initial moment. Today, customers need to become familiar with your brand, including the value props of your products or services, and build trust with what they’re buying into. Therefore, it’s critical to use Facebook ads and email marketing together to educate potential customers on your brand over time and move them to the top of funnel leads. Informing this audience of your brand value can be accomplished by presenting an on-brand, designed popup to capture the email addresses of those who’ve clicked through the Facebook ad and engaged with the site. Here, these subscribers will learn about the brand in bite-sized information via the welcome series email flow in their inboxes. Over time, these subscribers will build trust with your brand and a portion of them will convert into customers. Just remember, it’s a lot easier to ask for an email address than billing info for a first-time visitor to your site.

2. Sync Your Email Lists with Facebook

     By syncing your email lists and segments to Facebook, Facebook will be able to serve targeted ads based on the actions a subscriber took to join that email list or segment. Whether the subscriber is a top of funnel lead, a customer, or a repeat purchaser, he or she will be much more receptive to personalized Facebook ads based on their own actions. Syncing your email lists and segments will also allow Facebook to create look-alike audiences, Facebook users who share similar interests and behaviors, for prospecting. In the end, syncing your email lists and segments with Facebook ads is a filtering strategy that allows your audience to receive personalized messaging across various channels based on their stage in the funnel.

3. Personalize Communication with Email and Messenger

     Not everyone reads every email. With so many various channels and brands, communication between brands and customers has become noisy. Reaching your customers through multiple channels can be helpful for getting your message across. Recently, Facebook Messenger has evolved into a robust, personalized messaging platform, where brands can communicate with their audience. Similar to emails, automated message flows via Facebook Messenger can be delivered by brands based on the actions someone did on the site. For example, if a customer abandoned their cart, they can first receive an abandoned cart email and then an abandoned cart message via Facebook Messenger. To summarize, it’s important to personalize your communication with your audience by using email and Facebook Messenger together.

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     Using email and Facebook together is a vital strategy in today’s digital age to provide personalized messaging to the appropriate audiences. Educating top of funnel leads through the welcome series email flow, syncing your email list with Facebook to filter your funnel, and using email and Messenger together to communicate with your audience all comes together to increase personalization, trust, and ultimately conversions over time.

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