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Helping brands inspire and convert high-intent customers via tailored creative, precise targeting, and advanced analytics.


Pinterest, the planning-and-sharing social media platform inspiring 433 million shoppers each month, can help brands drive incremental revenue from audiences not found on other platforms. 

By looking at your product catalog, budget, customer behaviors, and full omnichannel strategy, we can determine if Pinterest is the right fit for you, as well as how best to leverage it to fill gaps in your omnichannel strategy. 

Our Creative and Paid Media experts then produce the high-performing lifestyle static and video content necessary to convert Pinners into purchasers.

The MuteSix Difference

Pinterest requires platform-dedicated content for optimal performance. Our Creative team knows the formula for success on Pinterest, producing channel-specific campaigns using custom-tailored lifestyle static and video creative.

Because Pinterest reaches users by targeting search terms, our Paid Social and Paid Search experts work together to share non-branded keyword performance data for more precise ad targeting.

We look to past performance trends across our client roster, in conjunction with your brands’ performance to ideate efficient and effective creative solutions. We also perform incrementality testing to ensure your Pinterest marketing dollars are well spent and you’re scaling as efficiently as possible. 

Pinterest Case Study

Funboy, the celebrity-coveted line of luxury pool floats, kiddie pools, and backyard essentials, came to MuteSix to drive new customer acquisition and sales via Pinterest.

The Strategy

With Funboy, the majority of our budget allocation was focused on efficiently driving top-of-funnel efforts so we could leverage the discovery-and-planning audience segments and utilize Pinterest to scale media investment more profitably.

For their creative strategy, we leaned toward a mix of static- and video-based creative, focusing on value prop messaging in order to drive direct-response marketing from our “Live Your Best Summer” ads.

We then leveraged all available audience types of interests and act-alike audiences to reach new users who were likely to engage and convert.

The Success

Increase in Spend
Increase in Revenue

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    Pinterest Advertising Agency

    Drive more sales with inspired shopping on Pinterest! If you haven’t been advertising on Pinterest, instead focusing your efforts on bigger yet more expensive platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you may want to reconsider your approach. This is because Pinterest can be an extremely effective advertising platform for brands looking to target a set demographic with intriguing products. That being said, standing out on a platform filled with high-quality creative content and tailored images can be a huge challenge. However, with the help of a Pinterest advertising agency, you can take full advantage of this platform and everything it has to offer. 

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