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With over a decade of specialized experience, our Programmatic team offers an added layer of intelligence, in addition to an impressive track record across a diverse client roster. As the landscape continues to evolve to reach more devices and access more inventory and rich customer data, so too do our capabilities.

In the world of retail, it’s the consumers who do the purchasing–not apps or websites. As such, Programmatic compiles attributes about those consumers from a constellation of data-rich signal sources, such as credit card companies, credit rating agencies, television companies, ISPs, and many more.

Once the right shoppers are selected for targeting, we use an impressive variety of Programmatic formats, including Display, Video, Native, Connected TV (CTV), Audio, Linear TV, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), and VR/AR – to introduce your brand, then engage the highest-intent purchasers to maximize business growth and LTV.


  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
  • Connected TV
  • Audio
  • Linear TV
  • Digital Out of Home
  • VR/AR

Services and Capabilities

We do more than just purchase programmatic inventory. We offer strategic planning, benchmarking, execution & optimization, as well as advanced reporting and insights.

Our Industry-leading media-buying, content creation, and targeting across all Programmatic ad formats, including DOOH, CTV / OTT, Streaming Audio, Display, Native, and Video.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a rich media solution involving a higher ad serving cost and specialized expertise. Our Programmatic experts are skilled in producing 1:1 personalized creative in real time, based on constellations of 1p, 2p, and 3p data signals.

Both at MuteSix and via top-tier partnerships, we connect fragmented data across devices to ensure you’re reaching the right audiences often enough, then measure how effective your marketing dollars are in driving growth.

The MuteSix Difference

Thanks to our scale as part of dentsu and our robust partnerships, we have access to industry-best rates for tech and inventory, resulting in cost savings for our clients.

We share all targeting information, bid and frequency data, domains, apps we are serving against, and all associated fees, so you know exactly where and how your advertising dollars are being spent.

Our Programmatic team benefits from fluid communication across all channels, fueling a feedback loop of important insights about audiences, creative, products, and more so as to maximize profitability across the board.

Our first and only priority is reaching and exceeding our clients’ goals. Our team is focused on hitting client revenue and sales goals, measured by real-time performance KPIs like ROAS and CPA.

Programmatic Case Study

Universal Standard came to the MuteSix Programmatic experts to implement Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Its overall goal was for MuteSix to beat its previous agency’s performance.

The Strategy

MuteSix’s biggest challenge was increasing personalization for Universal Standard’s recent, non-converted website visitors. To increase personalization, we strategically chose to dynamically display the individual products that are most relevant to a given shopper’s experience with Universal Standard.

By utilizing DCO, we have successfully increased Universal Standard’s purchases and improved the brand’s ROAS by achieving an impressive 7.7x ROAS within two weeks of launch, which was double what Universal Standard achieved with their prior agency.

In addition to leveraging DCO, the MuteSix Programmatic team also created a custom pipeline for managing Universal Standard’s 600+ SKUs, pulling from multiple sources including Shopify and Google Studio. By building the pipeline internally rather than outsourcing externally, MuteSix saves the client thousands of dollars in fees each month.

MuteSix’s custom-designed assets have consistently earned an 11x ROAS, which is a whopping 120% increase compared to the brand’s past results. Additionally, we built dynamic HTML5 GIFs mapped to various product page views and in-stock availability, which have drastically increased Universal Standard’s revenue and return on ad spend.

The Success

50% Increase in ROAS Using MuteSix DCO Ads 120% Increase in ROAS Using MuteSix Custom-Designed Assets

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