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Industry-leading design backed by performance data to build successful full-funnel, omnichannel campaigns that elevate your branding and drive business growth.


The MuteSix Graphic Design team designs creative that converts. Our in-house team of designers fuses direct response best practices, industry-leading design, and robust performance data into their everyday arsenal to churn out visual concepts that translate to measurable results.  

Whether it’s static banners, CRO-optimized landing pages, or animated banners, each client is paired with a dedicated graphic designer so they can learn your brand inside-out–then apply best practices and the latest trends to optimize your design and take your brand to the next level. 

Services and Capabilities

The MuteSix Difference

In order to really understand your business, branding, and campaign goals, we assign each brand a dedicated graphic designer, allowing them to participate every step of the way, and not only understand your existing branding, but envision new ways to improve it.

By assigning a dedicated graphic designer to each brand we work with, we ensure seamless and cohesive brand messaging and design across all channels.

We boast an impressive track record with a diverse, client base, allowing us to streamline the graphic design process based on proven formulas for success.

Our cross-channel synergy and well-oiled feedback loop enables us to make strategic pivots and quick turnarounds of high-performing assets based on real-time performance data and channel-specific learnings.  

Graphic Design Case Study

Bragg–the “original” pioneers of world-famous Apple Cider Vinegar–turned to MuteSix to churn out cross-channel creative that educates new and existing customers on the myriad benefits and innovative ways to consume ACV, including their all-new capsuled ACV supplement. 

With so many important talking points to feature, a critical design eye was required to consolidate and translate messaging and imagery into engaging, easily digestible creatives.

For each piece of cross-channel creative, the MuteSix Graphic Design team worked to strike the perfect balance between familiarity and fresh. They relied on iconic brand imagery to celebrate the products that consumers know and love, and compelling messaging–in prominent callouts, as well as bold, contrasting text and iconography–to drive relevancy.

  2% CTR │5% CVR

 2% CTR │2X ROAS

50% Open Rate │2% Click Rate

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    Landing Page Design Agency

    Landing pages are mainly used to dive deeper into a product or service. It will give a detailed product description, product values, real customer testimonials, and promotional enticements. It can encourage a customer to move forward with their purchase by leading them with all the valuable information they need to weigh out the pros and fight off the cons. Landing pages are also great to test information with A/B testing. This can be done by comparing two headlines or calls to action. Landing pages are a great way to engage with uncertain customers and make them feel confident in your brand.

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