Meta, Instagram and Facebook Advertising

Unlocking profitable growth on Meta, Facebook and Instagram with industry-leading ad campaigns, media buying and thumb stopping creative, all backed by a real-time feedback loop between media, creative, and data.

Our Meta Ad Strategy

As the #1 most awarded Meta ad agency, MuteSix has written and rewritten the playbook for success for DTC brands across Meta and Instagram since our earliest days. 

As a Meta Business partner, we’re able to tap into time-saving tools, performance- enhancing resources, and in-depth media expertise to develop the most effective Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns to ensure the highest level of success for our clients. 

At MuteSix, we leverage a combination of advertising data analytics to find prospects, then convert them through thumb-stopping creative backed by extensive testing and agency-wide marketing insights. 

Taken together, we build full-funnel, revenue-generating Meta advertising solutions that complement your full omnichannel strategy, ensuring in-platform success that drives unparalleled business growth.

Advantages of Meta Advertising with MuteSix

Meta and MuteSix attribute 60% of campaign success to creative excellence. We create a high volume of high-impact content backed by extensive iterative testing that drives results. Our content is best-in-class thanks in part to our:

  • Network of top Instagram and Facebook content creators and influencers for organic and paid social content that drives awareness, engagement, and conversions 
  • Hybrid expertise in impression-boosting content creation and conversion-driving direct-response best practices

As a Meta Business Partner, we have a trusted relationship with the platform that allows our Facebook and Instagram ad clients to benefit from:

  • Support from dedicated Meta representatives
  • Access to performance-enhancing marketing tools and expertise
  • Updates on upcoming platform changes to ideate proactive solutions to ensure maximal support for your company’s campaign
  • We boast an impressive track record in Facebook and Instagram  campaigns across a diverse client base, allowing us to apply our proven formulas for success to real-time creative and media-buying strategy
  • In a post-iOS 14+ world, we optimize ad campaign strategies across Meta to boost performance metrics beyond just Visits
  • In order to maximize revenue, we look to CRO, AOV, and LTV, and optimize campaign strategy accordingly

Meta Ad Campaign Case Study

Cookware brand GreenPan came to MuteSix looking to meet aggressive business goals, while scaling quickly and efficiently across Meta despite heightened ad costs and stiff vertical competition.

Our Meta Advertising Strategy

MuteSix was able to scale even faster than GreenPan’s initial expectations across Meta by aligning monthly on business goals, establishing strategic ROAS benchmarks, and implementing industry-leading Paid Social strategies. These included: 

  • Segmenting Facebook and Instagram audiences for more efficient growth at scale
  • Supercharging and segmenting messaging for competitive differentiation
  • Diversifying creative concepts and formats to boost acquisition
  • Customizing the shopping experience with a high-converting quiz landing page

Meta Campaign Results

Thanks to a growth-minded approach, the MuteSix Paid Social team drove tremendous success for GreenPan, which included the following results: 

Increase in Revenue YoY
Increase in CTR YoY
Increase in Spend YoY

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    Facebook is the second-largest social media platform in the world. This means whether you are a small business looking to increase your consumer base and sales, or if you are an international company with a household name, Facebook is somewhere you’re going to want to be. 

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