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How It Works

No media strategy is complete without Google, but brands often struggle to leverage it.

MuteSix helps clients advertise on Google successfully with a complete full-funnel strategy that works. We go beyond just search, with expertise in every Google Ad product, including Discovery, Display, Shopping, and YouTube.

The MuteSix Difference

Unlike most agencies, we take a full-funnel audience approach, leveraging custom intent/affinity audiences, as well as in-market and detailed demographics.

We emphasize an omnichannel creative strategy for YouTube to create cohesive messaging that resonates with consumers.

Our Process

1. Audit and analysis
2. Display and video recommendations & development
3. Product feed optimization
4. Campaign restructure
5. Audience expansion
6. Scale

In Google Ad Spend (for 2020)
Of Clients Doubled Revenue In Their First Year With MuteSix

Google Case Study

Dave is a modern-day banking solution on a mission to build products that “level the financial playing field” for their 10 million (and counting) members. They came to MuteSix with the goal of increasing their app installs, while decreasing their cost per downstream event, by leveraging Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC).

The Strategy

The MuteSix Paid Search team chose to segment out Search from Display and YouTube video placements so as to better showcase the brand’s compelling creative. This meant spending more on discovery-intensive placements like YouTube and Display, while also trying to scale up intent-based placements like Search.

In order to achieve desired scale and maximize potential across YouTube and Display, MuteSix also developed new static and video creative to increase the amount of video inventory as much as possible. To further maximize campaign success, we implemented a unique solution to A/B test creative, which allowed us not only to get a more accurate read on performance, but to simultaneously test new assets to boost it.

To round out our strategy, the team adopted UAC for video beta in order to diversify Dave’s ad placements and expand their reach beyond Search.

The Success 

55% Cases increase 30% Cost per case decrease 6 New target locations opened

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What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform focused on providing advertisers the power to share their ads as results on Google Search pages. These results are produced based on strategically used keywords. 

This overall service can assist companies in promoting their brand, their content, their website, and more. There are five different Google Ads campaign types: Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube Video Advertising, Discovery Advertising, and Display Advertising. 

The below breaks down how Google Ads operates, why you should trust an experienced ad agency to assist you, and how to get started. 

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