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We’ve got friends in high places, boosting your performance with growth plans supported by one of the largest DTC performance marketing networks in the world.

The Network Effect

MuteSix is more than a one-stop-shop for data-driven performance marketing – we are a full-service solutions provider. 

As the agency that has scaled the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce brands, there is no question that we can’t answer. We have more industry knowledge than all of our competitors combined. If something isn’t working for you – we can tap into our experience with hundreds of clients that have faced your same set of challenges. 

Beyond the creative and digital marketing services we offer in-house, our top-tier network of entrepreneurs, partners, and investors can take your business to that next level. More importantly, we know which players to engage with and when based on your specific goals. 

Whether you finally found a perfect product-market fit or your goal is to get acquired or raise your next round of VC funding, MuteSix has already helped someone just like you make it happen.

Get matched with the right partner.

Meet Sara Pereda,
our Sales & Marketing Operations Manager


Omnisend is a powerful email marketing, SMS, and automation platform built for high-growth ecommerce businesses. With advanced automation workflows, customer segmentation features, and a multitude of channels to reach the customer. Omnisend enables marketers to drive sales at scale while building lasting customer relationships.

Arctic Grey, Ltd. is an Award-Winning Shopify Plus Design & Development Firm with over 500 Five Star Reviews. Arctic Grey has helped their clients generate over $550M to date.

BlackCart is a try before you buy solution for eCommerce brands, helping to increase conversions, AOV, online sales, and most importantly, customer happiness.

Tapcart enables Shopify merchants to launch a mobile app and build an owned marketing channel of push notification subscribers.

ShippingEasy is easiest online shipping automation platform, offering discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates and award-winning support.

Effective product return management with happy returns.

ReferralCandy helps brands to grow their sales through word-of-mouth marketing. Over the last decade, over 30,000 merchants have put their trust in ReferralCandy to create customer referral programs that attract existing customers while retaining existing ones.

Talkable’s marketing technology empowers E-commerce brands to acquire & retain high-value customers through referral & loyalty marketing programs.