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As the first agency to partner with TikTok, MuteSix continues to pioneer the best-in-class media buying, creative, and measurement strategies necessary to scale profitably on the unstoppable platform.


Since 2019, MuteSix has acquired a deep understanding of the best-in-class media buying, creative, and measurement strategies necessary for brands to evolve in sync with TikTok, which is now the world’s fastest-growing social media platform, with nearly 1.5 billion users.

For brands looking to reach consumers of all ages, fill the funnel with lower CPMs, and stay current on the industry’s leading content trends, it’s becoming more and more critical that they not only establish a presence on TikTok, but do so under the management of a digital advertising agency capable of converting that presence into performance.

With our cross-agency synergy across all our Paid Media channels, Creative teams, and in-house DataSix experts, as well as our top-tier partnership with TikTok, MuteSix has been solving and re-solving the formula for success since the platform’s earliest days.

Services and Capabilities

We produce native content at scale, consistently testing and optimizing to ensure it’s engaging and captivating. We produce multiple iterations of hooks and sequencing to extend the shelf-life of top-performing creative.

The TikTok algorithm is unique and requires media buyers to have a deep understanding of integral pieces such as the learning phase and pixel integrations. Our Paid Social team uses a consolidated account structure that allows for the scaling of winning creative amongst high-intent audiences, while also testing new creative concepts and various iterations.

We leverage conversion insights to identify best-performing landing pages and create unique destinations (quiz funnel, listicle, etc.) to further boost conversions.

While evolving its performance measurement capabilities daily, TikTok attribution is not perfect. We solve for that by looking to alternative measurement solutions, including:

  • Post-Purchase Surveys
  • Media Mix Models
  • Multi-Touch Attribution Platforms

The MuteSix Difference

Creative fatigues faster on TikTok and needs to be refreshed after just a few weeks. To create high-volume, high-impact content, we leverage our:

  • Network of top content creators and influencers for organic and paid content that drives awareness, engagement, and conversions
  • Hybrid expertise in impression-boosting native content creation and conversion-driving direct-response best practices

As the first agency to partner with TikTok, we have a robust, ever-evolving relationship with the platform, which allows our clients to benefit from:

  • 1:1 Support from Dedicated Platform Reps
  • Early-Access to Beta Offerings to Test and Leverage Ahead of the Competition
  • Exclusive Access to Performance-Enhancing Tools and Expertise
  • Updates on Upcoming Platform Changes to Ideate Proactive Solutions

On average, 60-70% of purchase events are underreported via TikTok Ads Manager. For a more detailed view of the customer journey on TikTok, we leverage:

  • Post-Purchase Surveys
  • Media Mix Models
  • Multi-Touch Attribution Platforms

Creative Examples

TikTok Case Study

Naturium, the clinically-effective, biocompatible line of skincare with a highly engaged and loyal customer base, wanted to establish a presence on TikTok at the height of the platform’s boom to maximize channel diversity and drive conversions, by tapping into a new user base.  

The Strategy

While the brand had no established presence on the short-form video platform prior to working with MuteSix, the agency felt TikTok was the ideal space for Naturium, as the skincare industry thrives on trusted, so-called “skinfluencers” sharing beauty tips to a Gen Z audience. 

When testing the waters on TikTok, the obvious choice for Naturium was the platform’s then newly launched Spark Ads, whitelisted ads that enable brands to sponsor the already trending organic content of creators that best aligns with their brand and product offerings.

The Success

In just two months of working with MuteSix on their TikTok efforts, Naturium saw the following success:

976% Increase in Purchases 900% Increase in First-Time Purchases 457% Increase in Spend 48% Decrease in CPA

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    What Is TikTok?

    TikTok. A super catchy, two-syllable name for the most viral app to date. TikTok is a networking service based in China that allows users to instantly create and/or share videos with one another. 

    While the app’s initial release date was sometime in September of 2016, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform, particularly over the past two years or so. 

    TikTok users are invited to create short-form videos that last between 15 seconds or 1 minute.

    As of 2020, TikTok had 2 billion downloads worldwide, with at least 800 million active users. With 41% of users aging from 16 to 24, Gen Z makes up most of the consumer base. On average, they also spend just under an hour a day on TikTok.

    Using TikTok to market your company’s products is a great way to attract clicks and sales from young people across the globe who are always seeking the newest and trendiest things to purchase.

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