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By partnering with the industry’s leading SMS platforms, we stay ahead of the latest SMS, push, and in-app capabilities to fuse best-in-class strategy and creative solutions that drive conversions and build customer loyalty.


Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our Lifecycle Marketing team provides full management services to drive success across all of our brands’ one-to-one communications channels, including SMS, email, and on-site messaging.

In the wake of iOS 15, the need for a data-backed, growth-minded SMS strategy is more critical than ever. We use a targeted approach to reach your customers where they are most often with relevant messaging to engage, convert, and retain them.  

MuteSix brings a full-funnel approach to SMS marketing and partners with some of the top SMS platforms for first-access to new functionality and programming. We strategically plan and test campaign sends, build out full lifecycle automations and incorporate customer service, loyalty and rewards, reviews, subscription and transactional messaging. 

Services and Capabilities

  • Data-backed creative and messaging, as well as testing, and optimization to drive unparalleled success through SMS, push, and in-app notifications.
  • Implementation of custom-tailored automation, segmentation, personalization, and creative strategies to boost engagement and conversions.
  • Full lifecycle management, including pairing brands with industry-renowned loyalty, and reviews and ratings partners, in addition to more customer-converting and nurturing solutions. 

The MuteSix Difference

Comprehensive Lifecycle Marketing Management

To capitalize on growth opportunities and maximize conversions, we provide complete oversight of a brand’s lifecycle marketing beyond SMS Marketing. This includes strategic management and integrations with:

  • Conversion Optimization Platforms (Display and Pop-ups) 
  • Loyalty Programs (Reviews, Ratings, and Referrals) 
  • Content Personalization Solutions
  • Subscription Offerings
  • And More.

Omnichannel Synergy for Holistic Growth

Our integrated solutions ensure holistic synergy across every digital marketing touchpoint to build a feedback loop between lifecycle marketing, creative, data, and Paid Media teams.

Partnerships with Top-Tier Lifecycle Solutions

As a prefered partner with industry-leading SMS platforms, we pair brands with the premier solutions, helping them integrate seamlessly and allowing them to leverage the latest offerings and beta testings.

Our Process

  • Perform account audit and deep-dive analysis to optimize strategy and identify new growth opportunities to drive maximum success.
  • Advise on overall lifecycle strategy and develop a comprehensive roadmap detailing deliverables and setting target goals / KPIs. 
  • Develop advertising audience segmentation based on both pixelated website interactions and available attribution gains within CRM or lifecycle platforms. 
  • Execute and continually monitor performance so as to optimize strategy across owned marketing channels.

SMS Case Study

MuteSix was tasked with improving Badass Beard Care’s customer engagement and increasing their website traffic and subscriber base by leveraging SMS marketing.

The Strategy

To drive new SMS subscribers, MuteSix used Attentive’s high performance Email and SMS capture units to grow and convert new traffic into long term purchasers. The MuteSix team focused on bottom-of-funnel marketing by building robust SMS journeys within the Attentive platform—both to increase customer retention and LTV, and to increase conversions of prospective customers.

To start, the team dialed-in Badass Beard Care’s welcome journey with simple brand education, incentives and personalization. They also worked to convert new subscribers who didn’t purchase by sending unique and time-sensitive offers. To round out the SMS automations, they implemented a thorough post-purchase journey that included high-performing copy and creative to successfully keep Badass Beard Care customers coming back for more.

25K+ Active subscribers captured 50K+ Contacts added to email list 21% Average CVR 125% Increase in total monthly revenue attributed to SMS

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SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing is a relatively new marketing avenue that many brands struggle to take advantage of. Here at MuteSix, we understand that it can be difficult to juggle countless different marketing channels on your own. As a result, many brands unintentionally neglect SMS marketing in favor of already established avenues like paid social, paid search, and email marketing. With our help, you can take advantage of SMS marketing to increase your reach and return on investment with SMS marketing.

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