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Drive incremental sales with full-funnel Amazon Advertising strategies.

How It Works

Optimize your Amazon ad spend to maximize category market share.

Most brands implement a basic Sponsored Ads campaign strategy that is often not adequately optimized, leading to an acceptable ROAS with a flat or declining top line. These strategies are rarely tailored to be vertical-specific, leading to wasted ad spend and misaligned targeting.

We take a fresh approach to your campaign and bidding strategy to ensure your Sponsored Ads investment significantly impacts sales, using proven playbooks designed for success.

By combining Amazon DSP with Sponsored Ads, we help brands reach audiences on and off Amazon to increase conversion, consideration, and awareness of a best selling, growing, emerging, or new product. Treating Amazon Advertising as one channel is crucial for success.

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix’s team of Amazon paid search, programmatic, and creative specialists come together to deliver and execute a full-funnel game plan aimed to maximize the objective for your own category.

Our strategic relationship with Amazon allows us to provide clients with exclusive Amazon beta programs well before they hit the open market. We onboard our partners to Amazon DSP directly through our self-service seat, providing added flexibility and scaling opportunities.

Our Process

1. Perform campaign audit and category analysis
2. Provide data-backed Amazon growth assessment
3. Create a full-funnel Amazon advertising strategy
4. Optimize against core KPIs
5. Scale

Of Product Searches Start On Amazon
Of Shoppers Visit Amazon Before Other Retailers

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Amazon Case Study

Healthy Spot, the premier provider of nutritional foods and eco-friendly products for pampered pets, came to MuteSix with a minimal budget, looking to increase ROAS and total revenue via organic and paid marketing efforts on Amazon. 

The Strategy

In order to most efficiently allocate their tightly budgeted marketing dollars, the MuteSix Amazon team carefully analyzed the brand’s ratio between organic and paid sales on Amazon, which both drive tremendous revenue. 

After learning that the majority of the brand’s monthly sales were organic in nature, we determined that an increase in ad budget would not be the most efficient solution to meet business goals.  Instead, the MuteSix Amazon team put into motion the following two-prong marketing strategy: 

  1. In order to increase organic sales, the team optimized Product Description Pages on all low-AOV one-packs.
  2. In order to increase efficiency against the high CPCs, the team removed low-AOV products from the paid ad campaigns, instead focusing only on the high-AOV three-packs, which cost 3x more. 

MuteSix’s Amazon strategy proved so effective, Healthy Spot had additional spend to create and test more campaigns and even expand their product catalog by adding more higher-AOV products to include in the ad campaign.

The Success

Over the course of four short weeks, Healthy Spot saw the following results:

55% Increase in ROAS 16% Increase in Total Revenue 48% Increase in Ad Revenue

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