Drive incremental sales with full-funnel Amazon Advertising strategies.

How It Works

Optimize your Amazon ad spend to maximize category market share.

Most brands implement a basic Sponsored Ads campaign strategy that is often not adequately optimized, leading to an acceptable ROAS with a flat or declining top line. These strategies are rarely tailored to be vertical-specific, leading to wasted ad spend and misaligned targeting.

We take a fresh approach to your campaign and bidding strategy to ensure your Sponsored Ads investment significantly impacts sales, using proven playbooks designed for success.

By combining Amazon DSP with Sponsored Ads, we help brands reach audiences on and off Amazon to increase conversion, consideration, and awareness of a best selling, growing, emerging, or new product. Treating Amazon Advertising as one channel is crucial for success.

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix’s team of Amazon paid search, programmatic, and creative specialists come together to deliver and execute a full-funnel game plan aimed to maximize the objective for your own category.

Our strategic relationship with Amazon allows us to provide clients with exclusive Amazon beta programs well before they hit the open market. We onboard our partners to Amazon DSP directly through our self-service seat, providing added flexibility and scaling opportunities.

Our Process

1. Perform campaign audit and category analysis
2. Provide data-backed Amazon growth assessment
3. Create a full-funnel Amazon advertising strategy
4. Optimize against core KPIs
5. Scale

Of Product Searches Start On Amazon
Of Shoppers Visit Amazon Before Other Retailers

Our Latest Case Study

Though already the leading Keto brand on the market, Perfect Keto came to MuteSix looking to increase subscriptions with existing purchasers and secure New-to-Brand purchases because of how highly competitive this particular segment is. To accomplish these goals, Perfect Keto knew they needed to leverage Amazon’s first-party shopping behavior data, and they turned to the Amazon DSP strategists at MuteSix to accomplish that.

The Strategy

Prior to coming to MuteSix, Perfect Keto had not been engaging existing Amazon shoppers to build retention. The keto-friendly brand had also run DSP tests previously and saw less-than-optimal performance from an ad-attributed perspective. They were thus skeptical to duplicate a similar, low-performing strategy without leveraging new retention strategies.

With that in mind, MuteSix implemented a full-funnel test focused on one ASIN group, the Perfect Keto Collagen Powders. With the test, we were able to target purchasers, product viewers who had not purchased, competitors’ viewers, category viewers and a broad awareness audience of consumers interested in exercise and diet-related lifestyles. The primary goal was to engage consumers at every stage of the purchase cycle to build retention, while raising awareness to prospective consumers.

The full-funnel DSP strategy not only drove positive sales volume within lower-funnel tactics, but it also boosted discoverability with new consumers. In building customized segments to refine large, in-market segments, MuteSix was able to reduce cost and deliver YoY increases even when the category was seeing seasonal lows.

In terms of creative, Amazon offers a wide variety within DSP. MuteSix utilized two in particular: Dynamic Ecommerce Ads (DEA) and Custom Images. DEA creatives were leveraged in lower-funnel tactics, as those graphics are more product-focused and depict discounts and star reviews. For our awareness strategy, we generated custom images to provide a more visual context of Perfect Keto’s value props for consumers who were in-the-market for similar products but had not yet heard of Perfect Keto.

The Results
52.94x ROAS for Retention Ads
135 Consumers Subscribed After Viewing a Retention-Level DSP Ad
22x ROAS for Retargeting Ads
2.8K+ Purchases from New-to-Brand Consumers
46% Increase in Detail Page Views (82K+ views)

Amazon Marketing Agency


How To Utilize Amazon Marketing Features To Your Best Advantage

Now more than ever, customers are seeking the most convenient way to shop. It’s no wonder Amazon has continued to thrive throughout these unprecedented times. 

Collaborating with Amazon to list and market your product(s) is an obvious strategy that most companies know to use. Yet many companies miss the mark when it comes to using Amazon’s advertising tools to their full advantage. 

How can your business take its use of Amazon to the next level? Will teaming up with an expert ad agency help you boost sales? We’ve got all that and more in this article. 


Am I Being Efficient And Routine In Analyzing My Data?

When examining your company’s most recent data, what is your usual process?

Many businesses fail to use a data analysis method that provides them the amount of information needed to boost sales. One of the best ways to analyze data is by using a funnel approach

A funnel approach assists businesses in comprehending how many steps or “clicks” it takes a consumer to purchase a product on their website. This approach is named after the upside-down cone shape the data forms when the graph is created. 

For most companies, a large number of customers will drop (meaning they exit the online store) between their initial visit to the site and adding items to their cart.

With multiple funnel-style analyses, companies are able to research subsets of customers. This allows for the comparison of, for example, first-time shoppers versus returning shoppers!

The faster you have these precise calculations, the faster you can brainstorm techniques for directing consumers not just to your site but also to a complete purchase. 

Analyzing your data in full on a usual basis is crucial. As an Amazon marketing agency, MuteSix will work with you to constantly administer a full and thorough funnel approach. 


How Can I Gain Access to Direct Expertise & Support?

It’s common knowledge that creating and maintaining business relationships with other professionals is a great way to improve your company. Networking is imperative, primarily because the more colleagues you have, the more areas of expertise you’re dabbling in. 

Bottom line: the more expertise your connections have, the more new knowledge you have. 

Fortunately, MuteSix has solid relationships with experts from all over – including Amazon. When you list your products on Amazon, choosing to work with MuteSix will bridge any merchant-platform communication gap.

Due to our personal association with Amazon, we have access to direct support provided by their most experienced representatives. 


Should I Focus On Product Description and Details?


For many hard-working business owners, it is difficult to understand why they aren’t getting the sales they need to truly profit. 

A decent percentage of the time, these tireless businesses are correct in their paying attention to detail – but they might not be paying attention to the right details. 

Here’s where it starts to get a bit tricky. Research shows even when a company does focus on the important details, it doesn’t tend to focus on all of them. Spending time to make sure your business checks all of the boxes is key. 

MuteSix pairs with Amazon specialists to find out what that checklist looks like. Here are the features you may be skipping over when listing your products online:


Product Dimensions

Providing customers with the specific measurements of products is something every business should do. This is a simple way to help optimize your content as a company. When a shopper is able to take note of a product’s measurements, they are much more likely to purchase the item. 

Why is this? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’re sitting at home, browsing dressers online. You’ve measured the free space in your bedroom where the dresser will be placed. 

On Amazon, you find a dresser you fall in love with. The design is gorgeous. But how tall is it? How wide is it? How deep is it? Without these dimensions, you surely cannot choose to purchase this item and just hope that it fits your space when it arrives!


Material Description/Product Makeup

Most companies know to include a product description online nowadays. But do they know to include as much detail as humanly possible? 

This is something you simply can’t overdo. Customers want to know everything they can about a product before adding it to their cart. Adding extra bits of information, such as what the item feels like, texture-wise, can boost your sales much more than you would think.

Make sure to include as many fitting descriptors as possible. Consumers do not enjoy being surprised! They enjoy having confidence in knowing exactly what their upcoming delivery will consist of. 


High-Quality Product Images

In the twenty-first century, there is no excuse for poor photography. Make time for your business to capture high-quality images of all of your products. 

On Amazon, it is preferred that your product images have a white background. This will allow your products to be easily seen on consumers’ screens and pop with color. 

Of course, the better a product looks, the more desirable it is. This is why impressive photography is so essential to increasing sales – there is a direct correlation. Shoppers will always want the latest and the greatest, so make certain that your product looks as such!


Product Lifestyle Imagery

Another feature of the future is advanced audio/video technology. Do not skip over this step in the process of optimizing your content. 


How Can I Regularly Spend Time Optimizing Content?

Content optimization is a tool that, when used correctly, will quite literally separate your company from the rest. This tactic is perfect for businesses with a lot of competitors. 

But what is it?

Optimizing content is a procedure done to ensure information is written in a style that reaches the largest scope of audience possible. 

How do I do this?

There are several ways to optimize content on the platform with which you’re an active seller. In this case, we will concentrate on Amazon content optimization. 


Make Use of Relevant Keywords

Visibility on the marketplace will lead to more traffic, more conversions, more sales. More sales will equal a better ranking and boost you up. Branded and non-branded keywords are both important here! 



We offer multiple types of brand campaigns to help increase your clicks and searches online. This includes paid brand campaigns, non-branded, and competitor’s campaigns. 

Each of these styles promotes different results, and you can take advantage of several different campaigns at once! In fact, you should, and we’ll help show you how.  

Need more help?

We work with Amazon Marketing Managers who can assist in auditing your account. This may speed up the process when your company is looking to troubleshoot any content optimization issues you may be experiencing. 


How Do I Know An Ad Agency is Worth Working With?

Considering the whole point of advertising is gaining the profit you need to keep your business afloat and your life comfortable, choosing the right ad agency is an important decision.

At MuteSix, we are proud to say that most of our business is made due to word-of-mouth. This means new clients approach us after hearing genuine, positive reviews from our existing clients. 

We have an integrated teams approach, where our skilled employees collaborate across all departments to ensure you’re getting not just one of our types of help but all the help we can possibly offer.

We make sure to execute consistent testing. By evaluating your business’ performance on a daily basis, we’re able to diagnose any issues as soon as they arise, as well as take note of and hold onto any strategies that improve your sales. 

In addition, if a sales tactic we try doesn’t improve your business, we will stop practicing that tactic. While stagnant sales aren’t horrible, they are something we try our best to stay away from. Your sales should be climbing when you pair with MuteSix.

Researching your competitors is also something we specialize in. This research is the reason you will go from a brand with limited exposure and recognition to a brand that is fully leading the market. 

We are partnered so closely with Amazon that if you notice a problem regarding, let’s say, a product listing in the Amazon store, you can contact MuteSix for support. We have support from direct representatives whose sole goal is to help you out. 


How Can I Get Started with MuteSix and Amazon Marketing?

Our MuteSix website is easily searchable. Navigating around and clicking on the different informational tabs should give you a great introduction to who we are, what we do, and why we do it. 

You’ll find that in the upper right corner of the site, there is a tab titled “Contact Us.” On this page, you will be asked to fill out a short form. We won’t ask you for anything more than your basic contact information, and some introductory information about your company. 

After your information has been submitted, we will be sure to follow up with you shortly. Let’s get started!