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Creating thumb-stopping, Snap-style creative for all ad formats, while leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced targeting to reach audiences not found on other major platforms.


Our team of Snapchat-specialized strategists and creatives have streamlined the process for producing thumb-stopping Snapchat ads–including Single Image, Video, Lenses, and Story Ads–optimized to meet customers at all stages of the customer journey. 

Our extensive A/B testing often demonstrates the need for Snapchat-specific content to thrive on the multimedia platform, and our Creative team is equipped to produce the campaigns best-suited to reach and convert the app’s predominantly millennial audience. 

As a Snapchat Business Partner, MuteSix is granted strategic account oversight and early-access to new features to test and master ahead of the competition for more effective campaign execution, optimization, and measurement.

The MuteSix Difference

Snapchat requires platform-dedicated content for optimal performance. Our Creative and Paid Social teams know the formula for success on Snapchat, producing Snap-optimized UGC leveraging cutting-edge technology, such as Lenses and AR, to drive performance. 

Given our strong partnership with Snapchat and our impressive track record with myriad brands advertising on the platform, MuteSix is able to secure exclusive offers, test new features, and receive dedicated support to optimize campaigns for maximum success.

With MuteSix’s omnichannel expertise, we determine how best to factor Snapchat into your cross-platform marketing strategy. Whether it’s brand awareness, remarketing, or retention, we strategize how best to leverage Snapchat to fill in the gaps and complement your other Paid Social efforts, then utilize cross-channel learnings to optimize creative and targeting. 

Creative Examples

Snapchat Case Study

Crown & Paw’s initial goal was to spend a minimum of $6K per month with a 1.3x ROAS on Snapchat. We utilized their existing creative and worked to find new audiences on Snapchat that would allow us to scale.

The Strategy

Since we were working with a brand new Snapchat account, we couldn’t optimize for conversions right away and focused on RMK audiences to unlock them. Once we opened the conversion event, we could hone in on winning audiences through Snap’s unique targeting and creating valuable lookalikes.

412% Spend increase 7,330% Revenue increase 1,352% ROAS 90.59% CPA decrease

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    Snapchat Marketing Agency

    No matter how old you are, you’ve likely heard of Snapchat. That being said, many people outside the platform’s typical age range of 15 to 35 view the platform with confusion or even skepticism. However, your confusion and skepticism could be hurting your brand — this is especially true if you’re looking to target younger demographics. Snapchat marketing can be extremely effective when done right with the help of a Snapchat marketing agency. With the help of MuteSix, you’ll be able to find success with Snapchat’s Millennial and Gen Z audience. 

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