Find success with Snap's millennial audience.

How It Works

51% of U.S. Snapchat users are over the age of 25, making Snapchat one of the best places to capture the attention of Millennials and Gen Zers — who have the direct spending power of $1 trillion.

Snapchatters are primed to convert. In the U.S., they will make a purchase at least once a month.

The MuteSix Difference

Creative is the cornerstone of our success. We’ve simplified the process of producing great thumb-stopping ads that drive sales.

MuteSix can capitalize on Snapchat’s advanced targeting tools, allowing your business to reach new audiences that will engage with your ads.

Our Process

1. Audit and analysis
2. Robust creative development
3. Targeting testing
4. Optimize
5. Scale

ROAS -- 20% Higher Than Digital Norms
Daily User Growth QoQ In 2020

Our Latest Case Study

Crown & Paw’s initial goal was to spend a minimum of $6K per month with a 1.3x ROAS on Snapchat. We utilized their existing creative and worked to find new audiences on Snapchat that would allow us to scale.

The Strategy

Since we were working with a brand new Snapchat account, we couldn’t optimize for conversions right away and focused on RMK audiences to unlock them. Once we opened the conversion event, we could hone in on winning audiences through Snap’s unique targeting and creating valuable lookalikes.

412% Spend increase
7,330% Revenue increase
1,352% ROAS
90.59% CPA decrease