Engage and convert new users with YouTube ads.

How It Works

Over 70% of US adults use YouTube, but brands often struggle to leverage the platform’s expansive reach. We combine highly targeted audiences across the entire marketing funnel with YouTube-optimized video creative to reach qualified users as they browse videos on YouTube.

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix offers deep expertise in YouTube creative best practices along with early adoption of the newest in YouTube ad capabilities and formats. We leverage cross-channel insights along with Google’s audience data to target specific user personas across the YouTube network.    

Our Process

  1. Audit and feedback on existing video assets
  2. Develop creative strategy
  3. Audience research & implementation 
  4. Ad unit and bid strategy testing
  5. Scale
Views of our YouTube ads in 2020
Purchases were attributed to YouTube views
Earned video views from attributed YouTube ads

Our Latest Case Study

MuteSix was tasked with promoting Trophy Skin’s hero product and increasing their revenue.

The Strategy

Trophy Skin’s hero product had great reviews, but they did not have content to use to sell the product and their website did not justify the high price of the product. In order to overcome these challenges and better sell the product, we created a custom landing page to highlight the product’s value propositions. We also sourced user-generated content and created a UGC mashup video, which allowed us to launch a YouTube acquisition campaign that targeted a mix of affinity, custom affinity, similar to, and in-market audiences.

$548K Revenue
2,781 Orders
2,438% Spend increase