YouTube Advertising

Engage and convert new users with YouTube ads.


Over 70% of US adults use YouTube, but brands often struggle to leverage the platform’s expansive reach. We combine highly targeted audiences across the entire marketing funnel with YouTube-optimized video creative to reach qualified users as they browse videos on YouTube.

The MuteSix Difference

MuteSix offers deep expertise in YouTube creative best practices along with early adoption of the newest in YouTube ad capabilities and formats. We leverage cross-channel insights along with Google’s audience data to target specific user personas across the YouTube network.    

Our Process

  1. Audit and feedback on existing video assets
  2. Develop creative strategy
  3. Audience research & implementation 
  4. Ad unit and bid strategy testing
  5. Scale
Views of our YouTube ads in 2020
Purchases were attributed to YouTube views
Earned video views from attributed YouTube ads

YouTube Case Study

Kenzzi tasked MuteSix with increasing brand awareness and acquiring new customers who were not previously aware of intense pulsed light (IPL) devices.

The Strategy

On YouTube, our main focus was to increase awareness while also driving more purchases at a profitable ROAS. To attract and convert users unaware of IPL devices, we targeted people looking for waxing and lasering services. Because waxing, lasering and shaving can be viewed as time consuming, and at times, painful, we pushed the idea that painless laser hair removal could be achieved quickly and easily in the comfort of your home with Kenzzi. We also tailored creative to users based on hair removal methods they were familiar with. For example, we created custom affinity audiences for “wax centers” and served users with waxing-related videos. Through aggressive audience testing using Custom Intent, Custom Affinity, Topics, and more, we grew the brand substantially in just 6-8 months.

$208 CPA 214,747 Clicks 10.9K% Increase in spend 3x ROAS maintained with scale

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YouTube Advertising

YouTube can be a challenging advertising platform due to the sheer amount of competing content out there. Furthermore, developing effective video advertisements can be very intimidating for those without a creative background. That being said, the right approach and expertise can make advertising on this platform well worth your while. By working with a YouTube advertising agency like MuteSix, you can partner with experts who have experience with this platform to effectively engage and convert new users with YouTube ads. 

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