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Engaging and converting consumers with a full-funnel Google Ads strategy that complements a brand’s omnichannel advertising.


A Google Premier Partner, MuteSix’s Paid Search team focuses on brand growth, formulating winning strategies that enhance efforts across other paid media channels, and capitalize on all Google levers in order to reach the largest, most relevant audiences.

For YouTube, our Google experts understand how the popular video platform can effectively boost awareness and consideration for brands. By implementing industry-leading segmentation and audience building strategies, we have maximized tremendous full-funnel success for brands.

The MuteSix Difference

Our Paid Search team benefits from fluid communication across all channels, fueling a feedback loop of important insights about audiences, creative, products, and keywords so as to maximize profitability across the board.

  • Our team is uniquely qualified to advise on the video formats that will most effectively scale on YouTube across multiple verticals, and understands how YouTube content differs from that of other platforms.
  • We’re at the forefront of short-form video content, understanding what it takes to succeed with YouTube Shorts.

We set the expectations and implement the proper measurement solutions to profitably scale on YouTube, leveraging MMM & MTA solutions.

  • With a deep understanding of custom affinity and intent audiences, our audience testing is rigorous and effective. 
  • We implement robust segmentation, audience building, and campaign structure tactics to specifically boost awareness and consideration. 
  • In-house creative oversight and execution – including static / motion and video storyboards, high-level direction on creative concepts, and landing page scripting.



YouTube Case Study

Dave, the popular banking app on a mission to level the financial playing field, came to MuteSix looking to increase activations of their core in-app revenue-driving event, cash advances, while improving ROAS on YouTube.

The Strategy

Focused on efficiency while increasing their revenue-driving, lower-funnel cash advances, MuteSix vastly shifted their creative strategy.

As soon as YouTube content began to fatigue, the team replaced it with fresh creative. They also adjusted tCPA to better align with the campaign budget. Of note, the team discovered that a key to unlocking scale was the usage of 16×9, or landscape, videos–a departure from what had been used for YouTube in the past.

Well-versed in cross-platform creative nuances and best practices, the team took a departure from past content by opting for longer, higher-production videos (30 secs to 1 min), which enabled Dave to better convey the benefits of cash advances, essentially humanizing its cash advances as a universally appreciated “money hack.”

The Success

Increase in Views MoM
Increase in Installs MoM
Impressions on YouTube through Google UAC

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