Content Creation

Producing a steady stream of freshly created or refreshed content that is optimized to drive growth using data and industry-leading direct response and platform-specific best practices.


MuteSix’s in-house Content Creation team is a low-cost / high-return creative investment for brands looking to increase engagement and drive sales across the major Paid Media channels where thumb-stopping content is king.

Our team of editors perform extensive multi-variant testing from the earliest stages of our partnership to either ideate fresh content or optimize existing assets to enhance performance across all Paid Media platforms.

With data and industry-leading best practices backing our every creative decision, MuteSix’s Content Creation team equips brands with the content necessary to attract, engage, and convert audiences.

Services and Capabilities

Whether your brand is looking to optimize existing assets or create conversion-boosting content from scratch, our Content Creation team offers various packages to suit a wide range of creative needs and business goals. 

  • Optimization of client-owned assets backed by extensive multi-variant testing, as well as direct response and channel-specific  best practices 
  • Available on a deliverable or hourly basis (retainer)
  • Curation of MuteSix-produced content featuring hired talent / actors, created to feel native and impactful across all social feeds
  • Available on a deliverable or hourly basis (retainer)

The MuteSix Difference

We optimize existing assets and create new concepts using the latest platform-specific trends and direct response best practices, while leveraging real-time performance data to ensure the delivery of high-impact content. 

We boast an impressive track record with a diverse, client base, allowing us to streamline the content creation process based on proven formulas for success.

Our cross-channel synergy and well-oiled feedback loop enables us to make strategic pivots and quick turnarounds of high-performing ads based on real-time performance data and channel-specific learnings.  

Content Creation Case Study

Wondrium, the premier educational streaming subscription service enriching lives with illuminating content, came to MuteSix looking to depart from their predominantly television-focused content, and evolve it to be more direct response-friendly and native to social feeds.

The Strategy

Given that Wondrium wanted to create fresh content yet had limited past learnings to share, the MuteSix Content Creation team stepped in to explore and test various genres, opening hooks, and consumer messaging from scratch, with the hope of identifying a winning formula for success across the brand’s Paid Social channels. 

Over the course of two months, MuteSix successfully transformed Wondrium’s Paid Social content strategy from television- and YouTube bumper ad-focused to more social feed-friendly footage shot on cell phones, which ultimately led to a dramatic spike in subscription rates.

The Success

After upgrading their editing package to allow for more extensive ideation, testing, and iterations, the MuteSix Content Creation team created evergreen videos for Wondrium, which drove tremendous success in just nine weeks, including:

Increase in Subscriptions
Increase in CTR
Decrease in CPC

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    Content Creation

    In addition to your existing assets, we gather organic-looking content to make direct response videos that feel native to the platform they run on. We iterate on these edits to test and gather learnings we can use to develop future creatives. Content creation is not to be confused with traditional, full-scale production. 

    Content creation is an organic process that utilizes social media content and the power of social influence. In terms of feel, the best content features in-your-face, on-the-nose messaging. And in terms of results, the best content focuses on conversions first.

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