Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing account management and strategy to boost conversions and customer loyalty via best-in-class lifecycle marketing, creative, segmentation, personalization, and automation solutions.


Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our Lifecycle Marketing team provides full lifecycle management services to drive success across all of our brands’ one-to-one communications channels, including email, SMS, and on-site messaging.

We monitor each of our brand’s accounts daily, leveraging robust first party and performance data to meet business goals, identify new opportunities for growth, and make strategic pivots in the face of challenges, such as with the privacy-first implications of iOS 15. 

With our unparalleled omnichannel synergy, integrations with top-tier lifecycle marketing platforms, as well as advanced creative, email marketing strategy, and measurement capabilities, our team custom-tailors campaigns to nurture customer relations, generate revenue, and boost Customer Lifetime Value.

Services and Capabilities

  • Extensive testing and optimization to drive unparalleled growth for brands.
  • Custom-tailored automation, segmentation, personalization, and content strategies to improve deliverability and engagement.
  • Industry-leading creative to ensure emails render properly across all platforms, browsers, and devices.
  • Full lifecycle management, including strategic integrations with premier loyalty, reviews and ratings platforms so as to nurture customers and boost one-time and repeat purchases.

The MuteSix Difference

To capitalize on growth opportunities and maximize conversions, we provide complete oversight of a brand’s lifecycle marketing beyond Email Marketing. This includes account management and strategic integrations with:

  • Conversion Optimization Platforms (Display and Pop-ups) 
  • Loyalty Programs (Reviews, Ratings, and Referrals) 
  • Content Personalization Solutions
  • Subscription Services
  • And More.

Our cross-agency, integrated solutions ensure holistic synergy across every digital marketing touchpoint, spurring a feedback loop between lifecycle marketing, creative, data, and Paid Media teams.

  • We leverage our trusted relationships with the industry’s most advanced tech platforms to provide premier lifecycle solutions that keep brands ahead of the curve with the latest offerings and beta tests.

Email Case Study

Fur, the brand dedicated to providing natural, effective skincare and haircare grooming products for up top, down there, and everywhere in between came to MuteSix to increase brand loyalty by implementing retention strategies through email marketing.

The Strategy

To increase brand loyalty, Fur implemented two new loyalty tiers with incentivized purchase perks to acquire new customers and encourage existing rewards members to continuously engage. We then collaborated as a team across paid and organic channels to creatively and consistently promote and differentiate Fur’s new and improved loyalty program to encourage sign ups.

In order to personalize the experience and nurture both existing and new members in intentional ways we differentiated our messaging based on definitions of engagement behaviors, created custom segments, and personalized the creative to promote and capture the attention of the customer with each email being a touch point optimized to a specific demographic.

The Success

21.5% of overall revenue attributed to email 66% of email recipients were/became repeat purchasers from one email 51.1% Average engagement rate 8.4% Conversion rate

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What Is Email Marketing with MuteSix?

Email marketing, in a nutshell, is marketing directly to prospects, leads, or established customers via email. Like SEO blogging, social media campaigns, landing pages, and video posts, email is a pillar of content marketing for e-commerce marketing teams, but it is unique in its ability to deliver a more targeted, personalized, and direct form of communication across the customer journey.

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