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4 Bankable Tips to Increase Your ROAS Today

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Plus some industry leading Do’s and Dont’s for the Holidays. 

There’s still time to make money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here’s how:

1) Build Lookalikes off promotion taking customers.

Yes, these are promotion driven prospects but they will also be acquired on a lower CPA and make you more money!

2) Start your sales early so ads can optimize leading up to the big day.

Otherwise, you’ll get stuck with the rest and your ads won’t optimize. Our clients campaigns are already making money 😉

3) Use Legend App to build a quick video like this:


4) DPA Broad Target Ads with Sales Copy

Leverage dynamic product ads towards broad audiences with engaging copy about you Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 


The Do’s

Do increase your Facebook Daily Spend Limit to make sure you don’t max out

Do use less ads so social engagement can accumulate on one ad

Do increase your bids so you don’t miss out on opportunities

The Dont’s

Don’t switch out your payment method, your account Daily Spend Limit will reset

Don’t test new creative – use your best winners and add sale copy

Don’t use complicated promotions (get X free when you buy Y) – Use simple scalable sales or BOGOs


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