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5 Tips For Your Holiday Campaigns

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     Planning for the holidays can be stressful, especially when it comes to email marketing strategy and generating revenue in a competitive landscape. To make life easier (and more profitable), we are providing the top five tips for your holiday campaigns.

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1. Plan Your Content Calendar

     We suggest creating a content calendar to keep track of all campaigns that will be going out. This helps you stay organized and allows you to get ahead, ensuring you are making the most of your email sends. It is always a good idea to add all prevalent holidays to your content calendar.   

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2. Types of Emails

     To get the most out of your holiday sends you will want to send out email campaigns as well as set up automation for the holidays. The holiday and the promotion that you are running will determine how many emails you should send.

     For big holidays, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can send up to two emails a day without putting your email list in distress. For Christmas, you could send out an email a day as a countdown to Christmas, or run a promotion on a gift guide for just a few days. The options are endless!

3. Email Campaigns

     Once you have created your content calendar, it is time to get writing and designing. Your calendar will ensure that you give yourself enough time to create your campaigns, make revisions, and finalize your sends. Looking holistically at your campaigns will allow you to dive into the customer journey and find any gaps before the holiday campaigns go live.

4. Holiday Popups

     Use a popup tool, such as JustUno, to assist with on-site conversions as well as generate email revenue. For the holidays, you will want to create a holiday themed popup. This popup will be shown to new visitors and take the place of your current welcome popup. It should reflect your holiday promotion.

     Create a countdown timer to incite urgency and assist with conversions. These timers should pop up after a new visitor engages with your holiday popup or a returning visitor comes back to your website. The countdown timer should show the consumer the offer and coupon code if applicable.

5. How Popups and Automation Work Together

     Once a consumer enters his or her email address on the holiday popup, a corresponding email will automatically be sent. This means that you will need to create a triggered campaign.

     How does this help with revenue generation? Let’s say you send your campaign out at 7:00am and someone visits your website at 9:00am. The popup and countdown timer would ensure that this visitor is able to partake in the promotion even though they missed the initial campaign. They would then be added to your email list and receive the rest of your holiday campaign series. On top of that, you have captured a new contact to email after the holiday is over.

Get started

     You are now ready to get the most out of any holiday! With Mother’s Day just around the corner we can’t wait to see what you do. 

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