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5 Types of Popups to Grow Your Email List

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     Website popups can have a HUGE impact on growing your email list and driving top-of-funnel revenue for your e-commerce website. The ability to strategically fire off an email capture signup on your website with a high conversion rate, can drive a 2 – 3x list growth.

     E-commerce companies often overlook the impact of popups. Instead of focusing funds on increasing site traffic, striving to build higher converting email popups can allow you to efficiently spend to grow your email database.

     Below you will find our most successful types of popups we run for our clients.



1. Branded Popup [GRO –]

     Branded popups make sense for companies doing a new product launch (“Be the first to know when XYZ product is available”) or for explaining the benefits of joining the newsletter. Branded popups tend to have low conversion rates, usually below 3% email capture rate. If your company does not include a discount in the popup, I recommend trying the giveaway or PDF/whitepaper approach. However, including a branded popup is better than no lead magnet at all.

 Branded Popup

2. Discount Incentive [PreHeels –]

     This is the most common type of incentive you see in E-commerce stores. A discount ranging from 10 – 20% is a good incentive for users to enter an email address for a coupon code. The idea is to convert first time website visitors into paying customers. Make this code for first time purchasers only!

 Discount Incentive

3. The Giveaway [Public Rec –]

     Doing a giveaway is a great way to collect email addresses without discounting your product. However, the challenge here is collecting quality emails vs. quantity. You don’t want to collect email addresses of people only interested in winning the prize. A good example of a giveaway can include a chance to win a gift card to your brand or a free high-valued item from your store. On the other hand, a bad example is a vacation for 2 to Bermuda (everyone wants to win this!) or a generic Amazon card (you want users shopping on your site, not Amazon).


4. Gamification [Butter Cloth –]

     Gamification techniques are good ways to convert website visitors into email subscribers. Spin-to-wins (win a discount or prize), quizzes (testing the user’s knowledge about a topic), or any other incentive that gamifies the experience can have a huge impact on conversions. Again, be careful not to make the prizes too out there, as you don’t want subscribers only interested in winning the prize. Create the discount with the end user in mind.

Gamification Cropped

5. Gated Whitepaper or PDF content –  [Biohm Health –]

     The highest converting popups I’ve seen include whitepapers and PDFs. If you’re in the business of selling info-products, health, diet, education, IT, or any industry where you’re providing benefits from an expert, whitepapers and PDFs are great options. A well-written gated content piece can get you upwards of a 50%+ conversion rate! Use PDFs and whitepapers to provide extreme value to your potential customers. Usually, the more time and effort that goes into a well written content piece, the more your audience will engage with the popup.

Gated WhitepaperPDF 

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     Though often overlooked, popups can be an invaluable tool for driving email conversions. Exploring these different types of popups can be the boost your company is looking for. 

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