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5 Ways to Retarget Your Email List on Facebook

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Retargeting your email list on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer lifetime value (LTV).  

The higher your customer LTV, the more profits your store will make.

In this article I’m going to reveal five ways you can retarget your email list on Facebook to drive more sales.

 1. Separate leads from customers

The key to successful Facebook ads and advertising in general is personalization and serving the right message to the right audience.

To be able to do this on Facebook, you’ll need to segment your email list into various groups.

At the bare minimum, you should segment your email list into the following groups:

1. Leads (subscribers who have not spent money with your business)

2. Customers (subscribers who have spent money with your business)

Leads will require different ad copy to push them into customers, such as social proof, testimonials, or low-barrier offers.

Depending on their purchase behavior, customers can be shown cross-sells, up-sells, and product recommendation ads.

If you target a single list on Facebook, you’ll have trouble crafting messages as everyone is grouped together.

Depending on the size of your list and your products, it may make sense to segment your leads and customers into multiple email custom audiences based on buying history, location, gender, or age.

 2. Hedge your email marketing bets with Facebook

Industry open rates for email open rates hover around the 22% mark, with click-through rates being just 3.57%.

retarget email list 1.png(source)

That means 82% of your email list doesn’t even get to see your message. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

I always recommend that every e-commerce store combines their email marketing with Facebook ads.

Run a website clicks or conversion objective leading to the email offer through a Facebook ad, and show the ad to your email list.

You’ll find that, on average, between 60-70% of your email list has a Facebook account.

While they may not see your email because it went into their spam folder or they missed it because they received a lot of messages that day, you can serve the exact same content on their newsfeed and engage with them there.

3. Re-engage with inactive customers

One of the pains of running an email list is that, over time, customers will stop reading your emails.

Every newsletter atrophies, with your emails going into the spam folder or just not being delivered.

For a small portion of your email list, no matter what you try, you will not be able to reach prospects via email marketing.

That’s where Facebook retargeting comes into play.

As long as they have not unsubscribed from your email list, you can upload inactive customers into a website custom audience and serve them a personalized message that they will see.

With the right offer and message, you can win back previous customers that were unreachable through email.

4. Cross-selling your email list using DPA

Cross-selling to your email list using dynamic product ads (DPA), if done right, will be the most profitable ads you run on Facebook.

The best thing about dynamic product ads is that it’s all done on autopilot, after the initial setup.

DPA work by serving your email list product items they have viewed previously on your website, and items they may be interested in based on their website behavior.

If you’ve ever viewed a product online and saw an ad for it on Facebook minutes later, that’s a DPA.

retarget email list 2.pngTotal ad spend on DPAs have increased year over year because marketers are able to personalize the ad experience in a dynamic way.

retarget email list 3.png

Here are some useful articles to get you started with DPAs on Facebook:

 5. Use them to try out new creatives

Your customer list is the easiest segment of Facebook to convert since they have ordered previously.

When testing out new creatives and messaging aimed at users at the top of your funnel, use your customers as a litmus test.

If they aren’t responding well to your messaging, then there’s a good chance that new prospects won’t either.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars per day testing dozens of ads aimed at prospects, you can spend a fraction of that on your email list and gauge its potential success from looking at its relevance score, click-through rate, and CPC.

How are you retargeting your email list?

There are dozens of ways you can retarget your email list on Facebook to drive more sales, lower ad costs, and make your Facebook ads simpler to run.

Your email list will be the backbone of your strategy, so the more ways you’re utilizing your list, the more avenues you’ll have to increase profits and customer retention.

How are you retargeting your email list?

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