Aera increased revenue 152% with MuteSix’s Amazon Account Management in the wake of complex challenges.

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in CTR
Increase in ROAS

The Overview

Aera, the smart home home fragrance system with scents as sophisticated as the technology used to diffuse them, turned to MuteSix to help grow their Amazon business. Facing a range of complex challenges, Aera upgraded to MuteSix’s full Amazon account management to optimize their frontend and backend strategies for success.

The Strategy

When Aera came to MuteSix, the premium home fragrance brand had been generating tremendous revenue on Amazon despite considerable challenges, such as inventory shortages, hazmat violations, and competitive pricing.

In order to resolve both the back- and frontend issues before them, MuteSix identified the need for full Amazon account management in lieu of an ads-only strategy.

Implementing a Full-Funnel Ads Strategy with Search and DSP

MuteSix diversified the brand’s ads portfolio, tapping into all ad formats with a stricter segmentation strategy. With hyper organization now in-place across all ads, MuteSix was able to identify trends quicker, and establish tighter control over targeting and budgeting. This strategy included better organizing campaigns per match type by identifying keyword conversion and shopping behavior trends.

In terms of consideration, the agency ran cross-sell campaigns using Sponsored Display so as to make it easier for shoppers to discover compatible scents for dispensers, a strategic cross-sell given scents and dispensers are sold separately. With this personalized approach, MuteSix effectively reduced the return rate from 5% to 4%, while also generating fewer negative reviews.

In addition to brand defense and cross-sell tactics, MuteSix focused on category expansion and conquesting. Due to Aera’s higher price point within the competitive home scents category, they leveraged Sponsored Product ads to target specific price points in category targeting campaigns, which helped to incrementally grow market share.

MuteSix also ran Amazon DSP campaigns, which helped expand reach and boost bottom-funnel momentum. By leveraging DSP for remarketing campaigns for their diffusers, they drove more fragrance purchases, as shoppers could see the fragrance search ads on the diffuser pages and purchase them collectively.  

Lastly, for upper-funnel success, MuteSix created “Smart Home Lifestyle” campaigns to boost brand awareness. For consideration, they created InMarket for Home Fragrance campaigns, and targeted similar product viewer audiences to conquer competitors.

Pivoting Aera’s Full-Funnel Ads Strategy to Scale Efficiently Despite Inventory Shortages

Due to 2022’s supply chain issues, inventory shortages required MuteSix to shift their ad strategy. To ensure inventory aligned with campaign efforts, the team reduced budgets on branded campaigns, while maintaining other tactics on low daily budgets so as to still retain data, bolster search ranking, and maintain Q4 2021 momentum. 

Additionally, MuteSix paused top-of-funnel DSP campaigns, focusing instead on remarketing to temporarily conserve ad budget, while keeping Aera’s market share intact until inventory was available again. 

The MuteSix Amazon team also forecasted future inventory needs, based on Q4 and historical data. Once inventory was replenished, the team was able to seamlessly pick up where they left off, driving a 189% MoM increase in total sales.

Supercharging Aera’s Catalog and Page Content to Maximize Sales and Reduce Returns

As part of their full Amazon account management, MuteSix optimized catalog and page content after identifying an opportunity to reduce return rates with more robust product education. 

Since Aera’s smart-tech-operated diffuser requires a considerable amount of pre-purchase education, MuteSix detailed pertinent information everywhere they could–from product descriptions to A+ content, highlighting safety, usage, and quality of Aera’s products to eliminate any chances for customer dissatisfaction.

Expanding Cross-Amazon Efforts to Support Aera’s New Product Launch

To maximize sales for their new product launch of mini diffusers and mini fragrances, MuteSix collaborated with the brand to optimize all product pages and address any potential hazmat issues well in advance of the products’ warehouse arrival.

Of note, the team built out the pages with all copy, images, and videos, then proceeded to produce A+ content, with one A+ page created for each collection (rather than per scent) to ensure the unique selling points of each took center stage. 

MuteSix also helped welcome Aera into the Amazon Launchpad program, which is geared toward innovative products that consistently garner positive reviews and a high sales volume, and available only by invite or application approval.

Thanks to Aera’s partnership with Launchpad, the agency had exclusive access to additional marketing and promotional placements for Aera’s new product launches. The team took advantage of Launchpad’s four-star Store placements, “New to Launchpad” placement, and the premium A+ content features allowing for videos and advanced comparison charts to accelerate growth and enhance brand visibility for Aera’s mini diffusers and mini fragrances.

Lastly, MuteSix leveraged the Aera Storefront to feature their new product line, driving additional ad traffic via the use of Sponsored Brand Spotlight campaigns. By directing shoppers here, they could view the entire catalog alongside the FAQ page before making a purchase, which boosted sales and reduced returns.

Testing Off Amazon to Expand Reach and Boost Conversions During Prime Day

To maximize success during Prime Day, MuteSix leveraged Amazon Live Influencers and Instagram to drive additional traffic to their Brand Store and promotions, resulting in an additional 1K Detail Page Views. 

For Aera’s Influencer initiative, the MuteSix Amazon team supplied tags and links for the social posts, and created landing pages as well as promotional codes for Aera’s Influencers, who had secured a much-coveted spot on Amazon Live during Prime Day.

The Success

By leveraging Amazon’s complete menu of services and offerings with Aera, MuteSix was able to demonstrate what holistic success on Amazon looks like with a “better together” approach, that’s equal parts ad management and full-on account oversight. 

Between July 2021 and July 2022, Aera saw the following success as a result:

Increase in Total Revenue
Increase in CTR
Increase in ROAS

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