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MuteSix worked with the eSports fantasy game company to jumpstart its growth.

The Goal

AlphaDraft needed to jumpstart its growth by generating thousands more registrations and depositors. It also needed to identify which traffic sources were ideal to drive that growth.

The Strategy

We opened new campaigns in Facebook adsGoogle Adwords, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and a number of smaller traffic sources, and identified which generated the most registrations and active depositors. We tested multiple user funnels to identify the best user experience that would drive the best ROI. We also tested Advertorials, Quizzes, Giveaways, and multiple long-form landing pages.

The Results

We drove thousands of new depositors and registrations at an industry-beating cost-per-depositor and drove tens of thousands of registrations at or below the target cost-per-registration. We also identified which traffic sources generated the lowest cost-per-conversion, highest conversion volume, and best user quality. Overall, we helped Alphadraft post positive growth numbers, leading to their acquisition by Fanduel in 2015.

40K+ New registrations 75% Cost-per-registration decrease 50% Cost-per-deposit decrease

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