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MuteSix worked with the lifestyle brand to increase sales.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with showcasing the value and beauty of the crowdfunded BauBax product, a unique travel jacket that includes a neck pillow.

The Strategy

MuteSix’s in-house creative team produced simple videos of a person showing the features of “the coolest jacket ever” – from the eye pillow to secret drink pockets. Using a direct-to-camera narration held audience’s attention while demonstrating the value of this fun and pain-solving product. The narrator struck a mild, entertaining tone, joking about traveling through weird areas and blowing a kiss when she donned the jacket’s attached gloves.

The creative team shared the videos with audiences who were similar to friends of people who liked the BauBax Facebook Page, people with coupon interests and people interested in crowdfunding. The agency then followed up with a 10% off promotion to increase urgency and encourage sales. During the course of the campaign, BauBax made over one million dollars in sales: a 7X increase over the previous month.

7x MoM sales increase $1M+ In sales in one month

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