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Beekeeper's Naturals

MuteSix worked with the all-natural health company to help them increase ROAS, revenue, and spend.

The Goal

When first working with Beekeeper’s Naturals, the main objectives were to find untapped avenues that we could capitalize on to gradually increase spend while keeping ROAS the same or slightly higher. One of the biggest pain points included funneling out ad spend into the most optimally converting campaigns. Addressing this challenge meant plenty of testing on YouTube and using a variety of creative and audience targeting metrics to see what was working.

The Strategy

We found Google Shopping to be one of the main avenues for success, where we scaled quarterly spend by 14x while still increasing ROAS by 20%. We also worked heavily on optimizing both branded and non-branded search, resulting in a 30% increase in ROAS. Additionally, we have been doing extensive testing on YouTube, which provides significant lift in conversions. Through all these initiatives, quarterly Google Ads revenue increased almost 2x with a 30% decrease in CPA.

291% ROAS increase 867% Revenue increase 147% Spend increase

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