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MuteSix worked with the furniture company, originally based in Singapore, to expand into the United States and outperform their past high ROAS.

The Goal

Castlery, originally based in Singapore, was looking to expand markets into the United States. They were also looking to outperform their past high of 2.2x ROAS. The goal was to be at the 3.3x ROAS range within 3 months.

The Strategy

Through a combination of strict funnel conversion strategy and creative variance, we introduced top funnel audiences to the brand while decreasing the lead times within the bottom of the funnel. Understanding the longer consideration phase with the furniture vertical, we tackled the pain points of customers through their purchasing journey with the creative.

The Results

Within the first month of engagement, we surpassed Castlery’s 3 month goal of 3.3x ROAS. By adding in new creative and introducing different ad buying strategies, Mutesix was able to reach 5x ROAS within month 1. From there, we increased overall revenue by 240% and increased purchase volume by 180%.

100% ROAS increase 240% Revenue increase 180% Purchase increase

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