Crown & Paw

MuteSix worked with the custom pet artwork brand to help them scale.

The Goal

Crown & Paw’s initial goal was to spend a minimum of $6K per month with a 1.3x ROAS on Snapchat. We utilized their existing creative and worked to find new audiences on Snapchat that would allow us to scale.

The Strategy

Since we were working with a brand new Snapchat account, we couldn’t optimize for conversions right away and focused on RMK audiences to unlock them. Once we opened the conversion event, we could hone in on winning audiences through Snap’s unique targeting and creating valuable lookalikes.

We readjusted our budget allocation to focus on customer acquisition, driving new traffic to the site, and remarketing to close our sales. We ran LP tests and gave recommendations for CRO. Eventually, we could depend less on remarketing to close sales as consumers began converting increasingly from our ACQ campaigns.

412% Spend increase 7,330% Revenue increase 1,352% ROAS 90.59% CPA decrease

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