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Gorilla Fitness

MuteSix worked with the fitness brand to help them grow and scale profitably by increasing revenue, spend, ROAS, and conversions.

The Goal

Gorilla Bow (Gorilla Fitness) came to Mutesix as a last-ditch effort. For the founders, this was a side project that they hadn’t yet gotten off the ground, and they had not seen success with other performance marketing agencies. The goal was to grow and scale the brand profitably while building trust and credibility among consumers.

The Strategy

We started with Facebook and Google and focused on new customer acquisition. On Facebook, we leaned into direct-response content and utilized UGC style videos to serve top-of-funnel. We tested lookalike campaigns and various interest audiences to find the right target demographic. Once we had an audience down, the team designed new campaigns from scratch with proper exclusions, utilized CBO for all, and created cohesive ad copy to fit the customer’s journey. We took a similar approach to YouTube and tested various audience verticals there as well. MuteSix found success on Google by optimizing the Shopping Feed and switching from ‘manual’ to ‘smart’ — leading us to win top search results for popular fitness queries.

380% YoY revenue increase 300% Spend increase 15% ROAS increase +14% Conversion rate on Google

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