Grass Roots

MuteSix worked with the farmers' co-op to optimize their landing page conversion rates.

The Goal

Grass Roots approached MuteSix for digital marketing expertise as they were transitioning from a subscription business model to a purchase business model. At that time, Grass Roots had aggressive sales targets tied to funding, and they tasked MuteSix with growing their business quickly and efficiently.

The Strategy

Our first challenge with Grass Roots was adjusting their landing pages to reflect their fantastic product. Grass Roots’ previous landing pages did not speak to the brand’s unique value propositions and the landing pages failed to effectively showcase what separated Grass Roots from the competition. We worked to redesign the landing pages by focusing on key selling tactics.

We started by dividing the landing page into four key sections. Each section helps build credibility with the target audience and educates the customer on key details, such as the care in which the farms’ cows are raised and Grass Root’s contribution to and support of farmers. Once we successfully redesigned the landing page, we reworked our best performing ad creative to visually show the Grass Roots farms and the space the animals have to move around. This suited the new landing page design and created a cohesive experience for the consumer from ad to landing page.

63% Conversions increase 35% ROAS increase $243K Revenue overall

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