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GreenPan leveraged Meta and Google to help increase holistic revenue by 81% YoY despite rising ad costs and vertical competition.

Increase in Holistic Revenue
Increase in Meta CTR YoY
Increase in Google ROAS MoM

The Overview

GreenPan, the brand that’s been revolutionizing non-toxic ceramic non-stick cookware since 2007, came to MuteSix looking to meet aggressive business goals, while scaling quickly and efficiently across Meta and Google despite heightened costs and vertical competition.

The Strategy

Looking to quickly and dramatically boost revenue, GreenPan enlisted MuteSix’s media buying and creative services. The agency was tasked with the challenges of aggressively scaling GreenPan despite rising CPMs across Meta and CPCs across Google, as well as heightened competition from e-commerce giants in this shopping category.


Across Meta, MuteSix was able to scale even faster than GreenPan’s initial expectations. The agency was able to do so by aligning monthly on business goals, establishing strategic ROAS benchmarks that would enable GreenPan to efficiently boost acquisition and revenue, and implementing industry-leading Paid Social strategies. These included:

1. Segmenting Audiences for More Efficient Growth at Scale

Before starting with MuteSix, GreenPan consolidated acquisition and remarketing audiences, making it difficult for them to target messaging and appropriately scale. MuteSix thus separated the two audience pools so as to create ROAS goals separately for each and scale accordingly.

MuteSix then crafted new Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) campaigns and leveraged Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences (DABA) to ensure the most relevant products were shown to the highest-intent customers based on what Facebook’s algorithm deemed customers were most interested in and where they were in the customer journey.

2. Supercharging and Segmenting Messaging for Competitive Differentiation

Prior to working with MuteSix, GreenPan had been repurposing evergreen creative without extensive testing of new concepts, ad types, and messaging.

Due to the stiff competition within their vertical, MuteSix opted for more brand-specific and educational messaging to differentiate GreenPan from its competitors. After extensive research, ideation, and testing, the agency leaned into messaging that celebrated the non-toxicity of GreenPan’s cookware– a key differentiation value proposition. The agency also leveraged on-topic ear-inducing hooks, such as “Are you polluting your body?”, which ultimately drove 35%+ of thumbstop rates.


3. Diversifying Creative Concepts and Formats to Boost Acquisition

MuteSix stepped in to vastly diversify creative ad types such as UGC and other concepts beyond their standard studio-produced video content showcasing their products in-use in the kitchen.

Testing a variety of different creative angles in addition to creative types to learn which worked best with different audiences, MuteSix encouraged GreenPan to take advantage of their influencer opportunities, as well as other types of UGC.

Of note, GreenPan built a separate campaign to scale with influencers, which included partner sites and celebrity endorsements.

4. Customizing the Shopping Experience with a High-Converting Quiz Landing Page

Seeing that GreenPan shoppers may be feeling overwhelmed by the brand’s expansive product catalog, MuteSix designed a quiz to help home chefs with varying levels of cooking needs and skills narrow down their selection for a more customized shopping experience. With this quiz landing page, MuteSix was able to drive the highest conversion rates.


On the Google front, GreenPan also faced the challenges of rising vertical competition and costs. Because GreenPan was new to Google, MuteSix had a very limited pool of data to work with when choosing how best to scale the account. Nevertheless, the agency was able to implement a series of winning strategies to ensure GreenPan maintained a very profitable minimum ROAS, while meeting their aggressive growth goals.

1. Building an Account Structure from Scratch to Succeed Across Paid Search

MuteSix was able to achieve these goals via product adoption, by launching all available Google products, including Search, Shopping, Display, Discovery, and YouTube. They established a solid account structure, as well as baseline metrics, which collectively allowed the agency to scale top-of-funnel efforts, push newly acquired customers farther down the funnel via remarketing, and develop high-converting brand campaigns due in large part to GreenPan’s strong brand presence on Google Search.

2. Segmenting Google Shopping Campaigns by Top-Performers for Quicker Scale

Due to both GreenPan’s extensive product catalog and their urgency to scale, it was important to segment Shopping Campaigns by product category type in order to have more granular control over spend. Such product category segmentation allowed MuteSix to efficiently allocate the budget necessary to quickly scale top-performers, as well as to reduce that of under-performing categories.

GreenPan’s strategic Shopping segmentation proved so successful that 55% of sales in their highest-performing Smart Shopping campaigns came from the cookware brand’s top-two products.


3. Looking to Demographic Insights to Beat Bidding Competition Across Paid Search

MuteSix learned that GreenPan’s non-toxic campaigns–advocating against chemicals known as PFAS–were being dominated by out-of-vertical enterprises, including major pharmaceutical and chemical companies. 

To help wrestle back profitability of “PFAS,” MuteSix limited the campaign’s audience demographics. While GreenPan still attracts some users searching for chemical companies, MuteSix has increased the likelihood of their non-toxic products showing up to health-conscious shoppers by trimming audiences down to their target customer age and gender.

4. Promoting GreenPan’s On-Site Promotions Across Google to Drive Conversions

GreenPan regularly runs attractive on-site discounts, which MuteSix felt could help bump click-through rates across Google. As a result, the agency created high-performing discount messaging in their Google Ads, boosted by urgency-driving strategies (such as countdown timers) to highlight Greenpan’s incentives.
The ability to remarket to newly acquired customers with discount-focused Google Ads via Display, Discovery, and YouTube proved to be an effective way to remarket to users and drive future purchases.

The Impact

The strength behind MuteSix’s Meta strategy lay in the agency’s keen awareness of the competitive landscape and the ability to find their own lane (“non-toxic” messaging) before scaling. Thanks to a growth-minded approach when managing the GreenPan account, the MuteSix Paid Social team identified and leveraged new opportunities so as to drive tremendous success for GreenPan.

MuteSix’s Google strategy proved especially impressive because of its sound approach to ensuring that GreenPan captured the demand of their highest-intent users searching for the brand at the lowest possible cost per conversion, enabling MuteSix to get aggressive via Non-Brand Search and Shopping. All strategies taken together, MuteSix had a very strong launch for the new account, helping GreenPan achieve and overdeliver on their aggressive company growth goals.

The Success


Increase in Revenue YoY
Increase in CTR YoY
Increase in Spend YoY

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Increase in ROAS MoM
Increase in CVR MoM
Increase in CTR MoM

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