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High Fashion Home Maintained a 10x ROI MoM Using Paid Social and Paid Search to Reverse the Pandemic-Induced Lull in Performance Across High-Cost Home Goods.

ROI Maintained MoM
Increase in Total Sales YoY

The Overview

High Fashion Home, the premier destination for modern furniture and home décor, enlisted the Paid Social and Paid Search services of MuteSix, determined to scale profitably and efficiently on the heels of a dip in growth across high-cost home goods during the pandemic.

The Strategy

Growth and efficiency were equally important for High Fashion Home, as they looked to grow their business following the pandemic. So as to best identify opportunities for growth and mitigate cost risk, MuteSix closely collaborated with the brand, leveraging new opportunities to send less-costly, higher-intent traffic to their site.

Boosting Acquisition and Remarketing with More Versatile Campaigns Across Paid Social

Prior to working with MuteSix, High Fashion Home’s campaigns lacked creative versatility, focusing predominantly on dynamic catalog campaigns across Meta and Pinterest. With the goal of running higher-performing acquisition and remarketing creative across these channels, the agency shifted focus away from catalog-specific campaigns toward seasonal trends and of-the-moment best sellers, two important considerations for furniture shoppers.

On Pinterest, MuteSix redirected the brand’s focus away from catalog-wide shopping campaigns with limited pin diversification toward conversion campaigns leveraging a wider variety of more trending pins, while simultaneously applying the same winning campaign diversification strategy across Meta. Taken together, these tactics led to a spike in newly acquired and retained customers for the popular brand.

To further drive growth as efficiently as possible, MuteSix boosted top-performing organic Instagram posts, driving organic traffic to the brand’s site, while strengthening their remarketing funnel. They then added those same organic posts into conversion campaigns for tremendous revenue-generating success.

Finally, the Paid Social team worked in tandem with the Paid Search team to identify top-performing affinity audiences across Google to import into interest-based audiences on Meta for optimal success.

All these Paid Social strategies combined enabled High Fashion Home to lure higher-intent visitors to their site, ramping up CTR’s by 40%, as compared to the year prior. These campaigns also proved highly efficient, enabling High Fashion Home to achieve and maintain a blended 10x ROI MoM.


Scaling Up on More Segmented, Higher-Performing Campaigns Across Paid Search

Similar to Paid Social, the MuteSix Paid Search team broke their catalog campaigns into smaller, higher-potential campaigns. Of note, after extensive testing, they built successful Shopping campaigns segmented by product categories which provided more granular control over spend, allowing them to scale up across Shopping / Performance Max campaigns.

In addition to product categories, the Paid Search team also narrowed campaigns down by the most popular brands sold on their site. They then dedicated Search campaigns to the best-selling brands, allowing them to achieve a 9.5x ROAS across Search campaigns.

Second to growth, efficiency was of the utmost importance for the Paid Search team. As such, they relied on holistic reporting to ensure maximum efficiency and profitably for the brand, successfully achieving the monthly goal of 11% MER while scaling back to success.

By communicating regularly with High Fashion Home, the MuteSix team was able to identify and scale best-selling categories, top designers, and the most popular seasonal trends each month, which allowed them to considerably boost conversions, while maximizing efficiencies for holistic success.

The Success

Between January and July 2022, High Fashion Home successfully scaled profitably across Paid Social and Paid Search, generating the following results:


ROI Maintained MoM
Increase in Total Sales YoY

Paid Social

Increase in CTR on Meta YoY

Paid Search

Increase in Impression Share YoY

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