Jax n Daisy

MuteSix worked with the dog shampoo and lotion brand to increase revenue, ROAS and CVR.

The Goal

MuteSix was challenged with attracting new customers to this niche business. With thousands of five-star reviews, it was no secret that Jax n Daisy really worked, but the existing website and creative did not reflect the high-quality product offering.

The Strategy

People love talking about their dogs. MuteSix was able to capitalize on that sentiment and the power of social engagement. We tested over 100+ lookalikes and interests while introducing remarketing and retention campaigns. Organic-looking ads generated rave reviews and comments, and the team at Jax n Daisy was always ready to respond positively. We also launched a new website.

49% ROAS increase 177% Revenue growth from Q1 to Q2 44% CVR increase following new site launch

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