Mott & Bow

MuteSix worked with the apparel brand to help them get results with Facebook ads.

The Goal

MuteSix was tasked with executing a video creative strategy on Facebook for Mott & Bow.

The Strategy

We found that using entertaining and informative video resulted in more sales for Mott & Bow than any Page post or single image ad (even those in carousel format).

To show the value of the jeans, MuteSix focused on fit, comfort, look and style in product-focused closeup shots. It also used aspirational lifestyle content to connect with potential consumers, showing young, attractive models wearing the designer jeans in cosmopolitan settings, set to a modern soundtrack.

To show the video to the people who were truly excited for Mott & Bow’s product, MuteSix created and reached out to a Custom Audience of people who had recently made purchases or added products to their carts on Mott & Bow’s website (by using the Facebook pixel installed there). The team then built and reached similar lookalike audiences.

The Results

The combination of careful targeting and high-performing video creative ultimately led to better campaign performance and an increase in total revenue. The campaign concluded with a 4.2X return on ad spend and over $1.3 million in sales.

4.2x ROAS $1.3M in sales

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