Performance Creative


MuteSix worked with the blender brand to increase their ROAS, ROI, and revenue.

The Goal

NUTRIBULLET wanted to transition sales from amazon, retail and other marketplaces to directly on site. They also wanted to leverage MuteSix performance creative to stimulate demand on paid social channels.

The Strategy

The Nutribullet product line is far superior than the alternatives priced similarly in the category and needed creative to convey the value difference. Mutesix performance creative educated value, ease of use, and versatility in Nutribullet new product heros.

To drive sales on site, MuteSix developed landing pages to test key components of the funnel to drive up conversion rate and cart values. Paid social channels do better in funnel shopping experiences with single narrative driving to purchase.

The Results

Nutribullet was able to successfully scale its new product line and achieve a 400% increase in revenue with performance creative and a streamlined conversion funnel. Key learnings from landing page testing have been instituted across the entire web experience for an overall conversion lift.

4.5x ROAS 50% ROI increase 400% Revenue increase

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