Redline Steel

MuteSix worked with the custom decor manufacturing company to help boost their holidays sales with Facebook lookalike audiences.

The Goal

Redline Steel wanted to increase sales for the holidays by encouraging new customers to make their first purchase and loyal customers to up their game.

The Strategy

For Redline Steel, the fourth quarter of every year is all about holiday gifts. We used consistent holiday-specific ad copy to emphasize the products’ gifting appeal. We made the messaging more urgent as the holiday grew closer to bring new customers to purchase and persuade loyal customers to spend a little more.

Matching the holiday messaging to the right audience was essential. To appeal to a broader, new audience, the team created Custom Audiences out of 3 groups: customers who had already purchased products on the site, customers who had abandoned carts and people who had engaged with Redline Steel’s Facebook Page. The team created lookalike audiences with a 1% likeness in demographic attributes from these promising Custom Audiences, bundled them together to create a super lookalike audience and sent them the holiday ads. To appeal to Redline’s tried-and-true customers, the team retargeted the same 3 Custom Audiences with urgent holiday messaging.

Redline’s best performing ads used both photo and video imagery. One of the most effective features of the ads was a short video of the owner of Redline Steel talking passionately about the products. Showcasing customer point-of-view shots of the products was also very effective.

20% Higher ROAS compared to previous month 3.4x Revenue increase compared to previous month 11x YoY revenue increase

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