MuteSix worked with the customizable luggage brand to escalate their brand exposure and impressions with Google Shopping.

The Goal

ROAM’s biggest struggles centered around their high price-point and biggest competitor, AWAY. ROAM needed to build credibility in the face of competition while effectively highlighting what makes them different. Unlike their competitors, ROAM provides customization options to the finest of details, allowing every buyer to decide just how unique they want their
luggage to be.

The Strategy

We helped escalate the ROAM brand by leveraging reviews to build credibility and creating more exposure on Google Shopping. By making different optimizations to their feed, they are now winning significantly more impressions. We’ve also greatly improved on non-brand performance (ACQ) by casting a wide net of keywords and expanding on the collection of
keywords that have proven to work.

27.76x ROAS increase 73.59% CPA decrease 188.8% Revenue increase

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