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Sand Cloud

MuteSix worked with the the sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, towel and accessory brand to scale and drive conversions on Google and Facebook.


Sand Cloud creates sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, towels and accessories and 10% of their profits go toward marine conservation. By providing consumers with better lifestyle options, Sand Cloud aims to conserve our precious oceans and marine life.

The Goal

Sand Cloud came to MuteSix with the goal of scaling their brand as much as possible. They tasked MuteSix with decreasing CPA and increasing purchases, conversions and AOV.


The Strategy

On Google, we utilize all available products including Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube. We established a solid foundation and baseline metrics that have allowed us to scale top of funnel, push acquisition customers further down the funnel via remarketing and develop brand campaigns that convert. We’ve also tested various custom audiences on YouTube and Display, which has proven successful for introducing Sand Cloud’s products to acquisition audiences.


On Facebook, we’re scaling Sand Cloud through creative variety. We’re fortunate that the product lends itself to easy demonstration of its many unique benefits that differentiate it from a standard beach towel, including being sand-free, compact, lightweight even when wet, and sustainable. Utilizing a variety of creative, including product intro videos, UGC, and product demonstration/testing to highlight the product’s unique value propositions has allowed us to scale.



128% Spend increase YoY 190% Conversion increase YoY 21% CPA decrease YoY 272% ROAS increase YoY


378% Purchases increase 261% Spend increase 449% Revenue increase

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