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Spoonful of Comfort

MuteSix worked with the gourmet soup delivery and gift basket brand to drive new customer acquisition, improve retention and increase ROAS with Facebook, Email and SMS marketing.

Increase in Revenue from Facebook
Increase in Revenue from Email in Q1 2021
Increase in revenue from SMS in Q1 2021

The Overview

If you can’t mail a hug, Spoonful of Comfort is the next best thing. Spoonful of Comfort provides gourmet soup gift baskets and care packages, so you can send the gift of comfort and good wishes to friends and family, whether near or far. Spoonful of Comfort tasked MuteSix with driving new customer acquisition, improving retention, and increasing return on ad spend.

The Strategy

On Facebook, our first priority was to build out proper funnels. When we took over Spoonful of Comfort’s account, we noticed it lacked separation within the funnels and the attribution window was set to 180 days. To remedy this, we broke the attribution window out by 7-day, 14-day, 30-day and 60-day windows to find where people fell out of the funnel, and then consolidated the attribution window to just that timeframe to target more effectively. We also tested remarketing windows to find which timeframe was most efficient. Once we built out all of the funnels, we dove into creative ideation.

Our Content Creation team was brought into the mix to produce videos that would scale. The team ideated a creative concept that would showcase Spoonful of Comfort’s heartwarming brand voice and build social proof for the company that was relatively newer and unknown at the time.

To accomplish these goals on a low budget, we created a single-person UGC video. The video started with an exciting bite shot thumbstop, showed a person expressing how excited they were to receive the items in their gift box, and the message focused on togetherness in a time when people felt very isolated. The final product, filmed entirely on a smartphone, successfully pinpointed that a little believability was all the account needed, and while the UGC video may seem simple, how we got there and what we decided to include was quite complex.

On the email marketing front, we developed a CRO strategy with the goal of maximizing lead capture. To nurture, convert and retain leads, we implemented a consistent campaign cadence. We also used targeted and engaged audience segments that triggered emails to convert first time purchasers and retain past purchasers.

To increase customer loyalty and retention, we worked to ensure all touch points from mid to bottom of funnel fostered a positive user experience. We also capitalized on the paid traffic coming to Spoonful of Comfort’s site by adding SMS marketing into our retention strategy, which has led to a significant lift in overall performance.


Increase in Revenue
Increase in Spend While Maintaining 3x ROAS
Increase in New Customer Acquisition


Increase in Revenue in Q1 2021
In Revenue from 1 Email Campaign in Feb 2021
Repeat Customer Rate YoY


Active Subscribers
Increase in Revenue in Q1 2021

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